Sunday, June 19, 2022

The Cowboys From Sweden - Live all vinyl DJ set from Beech Street Parlor (2013)


Flashback to 2013 (or possibly before)...  In the darkened corner of a dimly lit bar, behind a pair of turntables and a mixer surrounded by crates of vinyl sit myself and my buddy Robbie.  All evening we share drinks, funny conversations and musical trivia as we proceed to select and play songs into the wee hours of the night. Each of us assigned to one turntable, taking turns trying to compliment each other's selections, or one up each other (depending on how late it was getting and how many drinks we had) in a duel that lasts for hours.  Many live sets were performed at Beech Street Parlor together over the years.  Sadly the bar is now closed down.  Thankfully some of our live sets were broadcasted on the radio and some were recorded and archived.  Here is a good three hours of one of the many live sets we performed there.  I hope you enjoy it and let the music take you back to simpler times.

And keep a lookout for a new Cowboys mix in July!

Download the live set HERE


Thanks for lending me your ears all these years.  Wishing you all the best.