Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Death of a Candle - Compiled & Mixed by The Cowboys From Sweden (2016)

Here's the latest installment from The Cowboys From Sweden.  The Death of a Candle is a slow dramatic listen loaded with moody soundtrack cuts and rare pop sounds from France, Italy and a few other places.  This mix was conceptualized as sort of a fairytale story and is intended to be listened to with that in mind.  Sort of a movie soundtrack with a plot that you can follow perhaps (Although there isn't one)...  This is possibly the moodiest Cowboys mix to date due to it's slow dreamlike delivery.  Although the focus here is more on moody low key symphonic sounds perhaps, there are still some funky moments here and there.  This mix features quite a few obscure gems from my collection which include Ann Sorel's breathtaking liturgical pop tune "La Prelude... Et La Suite", Aleph's insane "Love Memories", Guido and Maurizio De Angeles' "Penso Se..." television theme, and a few beautiful rarities by Jennifer and Elsa Laurent to name a few. Probably the track that inspired this mix from the beginning was Michel Legrand's "Amour... Amour" from the excellent Peau D'Ane (or Donkey Skin) soundtrack (which happens to actually be a fairytale).  Grab your headphones and go out for a nice long walk, or light a candlestick and watch it burn down!  And don't forget to play it loud!  320 rips with artwork included.  Enjoy!  Thanks for listening.  Comments are appreciated!

Download it here.