Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Gunter Kallmann Choir/Gals & Pals - Daydream/Blue On Blue 7" (2007)

Here's a weird one. A double feature of two obscure Euro-pop groups playing covers. The first one is "Daydream" by The Gunter Kallmann Choir. Sampled by many Trip-Hop artists, it seems like the whole genre was modeled after this single track. Dark orchestral swells, a sparse break beat and a descending bass line, with the "Choir" singing above it all, the song has a "spy" vibe to say the least. Cool song! Although many people credit The Gunter Kallmann Choir as authoring this tune, it was in fact written by a Belgian group called Wallace Collection in 1969. Gals & Pals is a bit more obscure. From what little info I could find about them online, I figured out that they are from Sweden, but that's about it. They perform a dark murky version of "Blue On Blue" (another Trip-Hoppy song!) by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. This split was put out in 2007 by some label called Dynamite Soul, but I question their original sources, since side A fades in on the beginning, and Side B cuts off just before the song comes to a complete stop. Weird... Anyway, here it is.

320 Vinyl Rip!

01 The Gunter Kallmann Choir - Daydream
02 Gals & Pals - Blue On Blue


Sven Libaek & His Orchestra - Misty Canyon/Soul Thing 7" (1970)

Here is one of my all time favorite library grooves by the one and only Norwegian film & Television composer, Sven Libaek! Misty Canyon, what a cool track! Deep, moody, groovy, jazzy, dark & spacey... Perfect! You rarely find a track where the bass line & drum beat groove together as naturally as this (plus, what a cool vibraphone solo right?). This track definitely gets dropped every time I spin records. On the other side we've got "Soul Thing". Same overall sound as side one, but this ones a bit more up-tempo with a lighter mood to it. Both tracks originally appeared on Sven Libaek's 1970 Library record "My Thing", which always reminds me sonically of Lee Hazlewood's epic "Cowboy in Sweden" album from the same year, oddly enough. This single was put out by Votary Records from Australia a few months ago. Supposedly they are also working on reissuing the entire album eventually, but even this single kept being pushed back for what seemed like forever, so we'll see when it shows up. You can find this record at, but supplies are limited, so hurry up. After hearing these tracks, can you believe that Sven composed music for Hanna-Barbera cartoons too? Enjoy...

320 vinyl rip with scans!

01 Misty Canyon
02 Soul Thing


Sean Bonniwell//The Music Machine - Point of no Return/King Mixer 7" (1966)

I did a little bit of vinyl ripping today, so I thought I should share some of it. First up is a 7" that Sundazed put out a few years back of two unreleased Sean Bonniwell tracks. Well, technically the sleeve reads Sean Bonniwell//The Music Machine, so maybe there was some confusion about if the tracks were solo work or B sides from The Music Machine. I'm not sure. Anyway, they are both pretty interesting artifacts of forgotten American psychedelic garage rock. The A side "Point of no Return" is pretty far out psych trip, featuring a lot of abrupt blasts of fuzz guitar, organ, feedback and of course Sean's deep dramatic vocal delivery. The riffs in this one have almost a medieval feel to them, not so different from Strawberry Alarm Clocks "Incense and Peppermints". Side B "King Mixer" is a little poppier, and a little groovier. Pretty catchy actually. Anyway, this guy's got a pretty good finger on psychedelia, so check it out... 320 rips, front and back cover scans included!

01 Point of no Return
02 King Mixer


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bruno Nicolai - Perche Quelle Strane Gocce Di Sangue Sul Corpo Di Jennifer? (1972)

Attention giallo fans! Here is the soundtrack to the 1972 film "Perche Quelle Strane Gocce Di Sangue Sul Corpo Di Jennifer?" (I love how long giallo titles get!). Alternate English titles include "The Case of the Bloody Iris" and "What Are Those Strange Drops of Blood Doing on Jennifer's Body?". The film was Directed by Giuliano Carnimeo and stars a more often than not turtle-necked George Hilton and the lovely Edwige Fenech. The soundtrack was composed by Bruno Nicolai and features some top shelf arrangements, which raises the question: why is this soundtrack so obscure? I've never seen this full soundtrack online before anywhere. ...This is Bruno at his best! The soundtrack is full of catchy main title themes, light and breezy bossa novas, a couple of darker widescreen grooves and plenty of orchestral suspense and black leather-gloved killer themes. The soundtrack also features one of my personal favorite pieces of music I've ever heard in a giallo film which was also included in the trailer; the beautiful but drum heavy "Jennifer's Recall" which was just used on the "Sound Selections" mix tape by The Cowboys From Sweden. A steady breakbeat paired with a dark and groovy bass line, that sits on top of a sea of minor key string harmonies that flow in and out of each other effortlessly in an almost non rhythmic sort of way. I'm not sure how it came to be, but is is truly a beautiful piece of music. Highly Recommended! 320 Kbps!

PS. Not sure why the CD track listing doesn't have song titles, but anyway, the Mp3s do... Enjoy.

01 Main Titles
02 Murder In The Elevator
03 Fashion Photographer / Night Club Show
04 Jennifer's Vision
05 Pursuited / Jennifer's Recall
06 Murder Flashback
07 Coffe Time
08 Fear Of Blood
09 Killer Violin
10 Ambush
11 Night Visitor
12 Jennifer's Walk
13 A Living Nightmare
14 Rendezvous With Jennifer
15 A Deadly Visit
16 The Bloody Iris
17 Love Scene
18 Pursuit
19 Strange Nighbours
20 Jennifer Escapes
21 Panic In The Elevator / Terror In The Cellar
22 Fear Of Blood Flashback / The Nightmare Is Over
23 End Titles
24 Pursuit (Alternate Version)
25 Pursuit (Alternate Version 2)
26 Main Titles (Alternate Long Version)


Comments are appreciated.

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Sound Selections" - Compiled & Mixed By The Cowboys From Sweden (2010)

It's finally here: "Sound Selections" the ninth mix tape by the Cowboys from Sweden. Seems like I have been working on this one for almost a year now. Sound Selections is the first mix in the series to feature exclusively instrumental tracks with a heavy emphasis on the darker and prettier side of vintage European Library and Cinema music. Now if you already follow the genre a bit you should understand that "instrumental" doesn't imply no vocals, but no lyrics rather. The mix is a pretty even 50/50 split of Library tracks and movie themes. The over all sound is largely darker classical influenced melodies, heavy on the bass, heavy on the strings, heavy on the drums... Very introspective and quite serious in mood. Since this mix had a bit more of a specific direction than usual, I allowed myself to include some old favorites that are more diliberate nods to Giallo and Poliziotteschi films. For instance Ennio Morricone's theme to Massimo Dallamano's 1972 film "What have you done to Solange?" and the insanely beautiful "Pursuited/Jennifer's Recall" by Bruno Nicolai from "The Case of the Bloody Iris" and of course the genre defining Cop track "Confessione Di Un Commissario" by Riz Ortolani from the gratuitously titled "Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica" starring the always awesome Franco Nero.. To sum it up, be expecting a beautiful ride with a few minor detours into more specifically "Film" music territory. Not sure what else to say, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The mix runs one hour and seventeen minutes and has been remastered for optimal sound quality. 320 Kbps

01 Jean Paul & Angelique/Padrino N°2
02 Nick Perito/The Green Leaves Of Summer
03 John Barry/The More Things Change
04 Janko Nilovic/Ciel De Vacances
05 Jack Arel/Something Happen
06 Gianni Ferrio/L'uomo Senza Memoria #7
07 Ennio Morricone/La Cosa Buffa
08 Paul Piot Et Son Grande Orchestra/Le Ciel Est-Il À Vendre?
09 Ennio Morricone/Macchie Solari
10 François De Roubaix/Costello Dans La Ville (Edit)
11 Franco Bixio/With Bare Fists
12 Jean Bouchety/The Girl From La Mancha
13 Janko Nilovic/Du Sable Et Du Vent
14 Ennio Morricone/Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange?
15 Pietro Leguani/Mediterranea
16 Yan Tregger/Banana Slush
17 Elvio Monti/Love, Soul, Love
18 John Barry/Theme From Romance For Guitar And Orchestra
19 Paul Piot Et Son Grande Orchestra/L'amour Et L'enfer
20 Caravelli/L'étrange Dr. Personne
21 Berto Pisano/Orchestra For Edda
22 Paul Piot/Violonissimo
23 Jean Bouchety/Birth Of A Generation
24 Bruno Nicolai/Risveglio Felice
25 Bruno Nicolai/Pursuited / Jennifer's Recall
26 Riz Ortolani/Confessione Di Un Commissario
27 Laurent Perrier/Asturias


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meiko Kaji - Urami Bushi/Onna No Jumon 7" (1972)

Here's a rip I did today of Meiko Kaji's classic hit song "Urami Bushi" originally featured (I believe) in her 1973 film "Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion - Grudge Song" (which I have not seen yet, but I'm sure it's very violent based on the other film I've seen in the series "Beast Stable"). Anyway, you probably all know the track since Quentin Tarantino used it in his Kill Bill films. "Urami Bushi" is backed with an equally catchy track titled "Onna No Jumon". I guess this music is in the Enka style, but I'm not too familiar with that phrase. To me it sounds like a mash-up of spaghetti western and yakuza gang music. ....Big guitars, swanky brass, low-key funky basslines, drums, marimbas & percussion, string orchestra.... This record is just about what I would call perfect music. Thanks to my buddy John for lending this single to me to be shared with all! 320 Rip. Enjoy!

01. 怨み節 (Urami Bushi)
02. 女の呪文 (Onna No Jumon)


PS. I should have a new Cowboys mix up pretty soon. Keep a look out...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gary Pacific Orchestra - Soft Wind 45 (2009 Reissue)

Here's a quick vinyl rip, but a great one! After using the title track from this 7" on a mix tape a while back ("In A Cowboy's Mind", track 4), I fell in love with the track so deeply that I felt obligated to get my hands on a physical copy. Lucky for me Sonorama put out this nice 45 reissue last year that includes "Soft Wind" and two other killer tracks. First I'll start with Soft Wind... This song is so cool. Starting up with bass and drums, the song gradually locks into a super groovy break that is accompanied by smooth horns and spaced-out guitars. The overall vibe is somewhere between Sven Libaek's early 70's Library work and the precision and sophistication of Serge Gainsbourg's beat driven euro-pop sound (Think "En Melody"). Track 2 "Stop Your Fever" is basically a remake of Soft Wind, but a little more blown out and over the top. Same basic backing track, but this time, let's add heavy bongos, flashy Saxophone's etc... Very reminiscent of Gert Wilden Orchestra or the Vamipres of Dartmore. You get the picture. ...Basically the end credits to a 70's exploitation film. Track 3, the oddly named "E. Colitron Alpha", doesn't waste any time. Following in the footsteps of track 2, this track quickly escalates into a full speed heavy-funk car chase (Not literally, but that's what I'd imagine). Get it here, 320 kbps Rip (Including scans), delivered straight from vinyl to your precious ears.

01. Soft Wind
02. Stop Your Fever
03. E. Colitron Alpha


Friday, June 18, 2010

Herman's Rocket

Here's is a crazy LP that most of you probably already know if you have any interest in Space Disco. But incase you don't already know it, here is a 320 rip of this 1977 space disco classic from Herman's Rocket "Space Woman". Featuring Jean-Pierre Massiera, one of the zaniest producers I've heard so far manning the controls. Deep psychedelic space funk that's heavy on the synthesizers. The title track "Space Woman" has the same melody, bass line and overall groove as the smash hit "Miss Broadway" by Belle Epoque (oddly enough it's from the same year). Recommended for serious disco fans, or anybody who just enjoys music that is really far out there. Oh, I'm not sure why, but they are also known as Venus Gang. ...A band so nice they named it twice I guess? Enjoy!

01 Space Woman
02 Golden Crystallen
03 Transport Mission Security
04 Spirit In The Wind
05 The Last Tournament
06 Space Rebel
07 Jupiter Flight No 9
08 Indian Planet
09 Hanged In Universe
10 Green Creature


Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cowboys From Sweden Live DJ-Set at TIGA, December 9th, 2009.

Hey Everyone,
Here's a live DJ set that was recorded back in December of last year, straight from the mixer to the radio. This was a 5 hour set, but only 2 hours of it was broadcasted. So if you are interested, you can hear what a pretty typical night is for us. You'll have to excuse the crudeness of the mix. It's hard to be as precise live as we are on the mix tapes because there are two of us and the occasional person talking to us during the set, so that said, it's no mix tape, but still a lot of great songs here. The mix picks up right at the tail end of our "modern set", then into the older classier stuff. We generally play modern tracks we like for the first hour or so to warm up before we really get into it. Anyway, this is on continuous 2 hour track. Sorry, no divisions or track-listing. Hope you enjoy it regardless. This is an all vinyl mix, we believe that ipods are cheating when it comes to a live set. Thanks for your comments.

- The Cowboys


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"The Girl With The Metal Dress" - Compiled & Mixed By The Cowboys From Sweden (2010)

Hello Hello Everyone... Finally, a new mix for 2010! "The Girl With The Metal Dress", based on the lovely actress Michèle Mercier (who stars on the cover). This mix treads a lot of territory, from dark religious themes, spaced-out soundtrack grooves, girl pop, mondo bar music, westerns, introspective melancholia... You get the picture. Well anyway the mix should speak for its self, so give it a listen. Thanks for listening and thanks for your comments! I hope you enjoy this one. Ripped at 320 kbps naturally.

01 France Gall - Chanson Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Un Peu
02 Bruno Nicolai - Di Giorno In Giorno
03 Jean Yanne & Raymond Alessandrini - Ma Musique Ne Se Prostituera Jamais Sur Une Scène De Music Hall
04 Bernard Estardy - Ala Mia Thra
05 The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby
06 Laurent Petitgirard - Mr. Green Genes
07 Pepino De Luca & Mark 4 - L'Umo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio
08 Vincent Geminiani - Ophis Le Serpentaire
09 Michèle Mercier - La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchic
10 Jane Birkin - 18-39
11 Natacha Snitkine - Jeu Du Téléphone
12 Brigitte Bardot - Je Me Donne À Qui Me Plait
13 Dom Boga - Mattino De Fuoco
14 David McCallum - House Of Mirrors
15 Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Sexy Girls
16 Annie Philippe - Le Mannequin
17 Mina - Io Sono Quel Che Sono
18 Gianni Ferrio - Un Dollaro Bucato
19 Françoise Hardy - On Dit De Lui
20 Noelle Cordier - L'amour C'est Àa
21 Russ Garcia - Risque
22 La Nueva Banda De Santisteban - Sabor A Fresa
23 Guy Peder - Mais Quand Le Matin
24 The Cliff Hammer Choir And Orchestra - I'll Wait For Your Love
25 Jean-Claude Vannier - Theme 504
26 Claudine Longet - Love Is Blue
27 Mireille Darc - Hélicoptère
28 France Gall - Polichinelle
29 Il Reale Impero Britannico - Dodici e un Quarto
30 Jean Bouchety - The Magic Castle
31 Serge Gainsbourg - Evelyne

Part One:
Part Two:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Repost by Request: Smoke: A Mix Tape By The Cowboys From Sweden (2009)

I've had a couple requests to repost this one recently. I'm Sorry, I'm not too good at checking for dead links or messages, so thanks for your patience. Here it is once more, presented in the highest quality sound for your listening pleasure. Feel free to post it elsewhere, then perhaps the links won't die so frequently... Thanks for listening! A couple new Cowboys' mixes are currently in the works and should manifest pretty soon. Thanks again for your comments and most of all patience. Check back soon, more goodies on the way. Breaks for all! Get em... Again...

01 serge gainsbourg - requiem pour un con
02 klaus doldinger - sitar beat
03 the vampires of dartmoore - tanz der vampire
04 pierre henry & michel colombier - jericho jerk
05 piero umiliani - hard times
06 sven libaek - groove
07 roberto pregadio - lena sequence
08 brigitte bardot - harley davidson
09 serge gainsbourg - rocking horse
10 serge gainsbourg - je n'avais pas qu'un seul mot a lui dire
11 kalyanji anandji - dharmatma theme music
12 serge gainsbourg - la horse
13 galt macdermot - ripped open by metal explosions
14 ennio morricone - alla luce del giorno
15 jean-claude vannier - la girafe en ballon
16 serge gainsbourg - la chanson de prévert
17 nora orlandi - dies irae
18 serge gainsbourg & brigitte bardot - bonnie and clyde
19 bruno nicolai - gin
20 armando trovajoli - vuedo nudo
21 serge gainsbourg & michel colombier - new délire again
22 ennio morricone - la moda (alternate version 1)
23 paul guiot & paul piot - amour, vacances et baroque
24 tany turens - free stop
25 les baxter - hogin' machine
26 pascale deleau - airplane
27 sven libaek - dark world
28 jacques siroul - see
29 nico fidenco - sandra's dream

Part One:
Part Two:

The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)/Make It Easy On Yourself 7" (1965)

The Walker Brothers hit single "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)" backed with the Bacharach-penned classic "Make It Easy On Yourself" from Smash records. Uber-classy pop tunes! Recommended! 320 rip.

01 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)
02 Make It Easy On Yourself

The Shadows of Knight - Gloria/Dark Side 7" (1966)

Two fuzzy rips of two fuzzy songs. Dark Side should have been the A side in my opinion although both tracks are great. Recommended listening for all the psych and garage fans out there. 320 R.I.P.

01 Gloria
02 Dark Side


Sven Libaek - Inner Space 7" (1973)

Here are two excellent tracks by Mr. Sven Libaek that were originally featured as the underwater soundtrack to Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space (a thirteen part underwater nature documentary/television series), which apparently was narrated by William Shatner. I haven't seen it (although I would love to) so correct me if this information is wrong... The music is dark, spacey, psychedelic and remains pretty low key and subdued most of the time with the exception of a couple dramatic builds here and there. If any of you listen to the Cowboys from Sweden mixes, you may recognize Dark World from the "Smoke" mix. Danger Reef has a cool shark jazz feel, with ultra atmospheric/psychedelic vibes and wah-wah guitar. Super highly recommended! Also this may still be in print, so please try and purchase it if you come across it. Sometimes has it. 320 kbps includes scan.

01 Dark World
02 Danger Reef


Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell - Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind/Hey Cowboy 7" (1970)

Two killer duets with Nina Lizell from Lee's best album "Cowboy In Sweden", with super cool picture sleeve included. 320 Kbps.

01 Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind (Who Can Sail Without The Wind)
02 Hey Cowboy


3 Lee Hazlewood Singles

Here is a batch of 3 Lee Hazlewood Singles. Not sure what to say about these, Lee is one of the best! 320 rips with artwork scans included. Cowboy-Psychedelia.

Rainbow Woman/I Am, You Are 7" (1967)
Summer Wine/Home (I'm Home) 7" (1967)
The House Song/Morning Dew 7" (1968)


Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer/Song For A Summer Night 7" (1963)

Next up is a Jack Nitzsche single that I bought the other day for a buck, oddly enough it was also released in 1963. The A side sounds like a twangy surfer/biker soundtrack and the B side is more of a swanky saxophone driven strip tease number (think Raumpatrouille era Peter Thomas). Both are very cool! 320 rip.

01 The Lonely Surfer
02 Song For A Summer Night


New Link! Françoise Hardy - EPL. 8111 7" (1963)

So today I sat around for a few hours and ripped a bunch of 45 singles for fun. Naturally, I thought I should share them with everyone. First up is a 4 song EP from 1963 by the lovely queen of Ye-ye, Françoise Hardy. This is really cool, very early work that features arrangements by Marcel Hendrix and his Orchestra. Kind of a western cowboy pop vibe. Short and sweet (9 minutes of music)! Ripped at 320 Kbps. Get it!

01 Qui Aime-t-il Vraiment (Your Nose Is Gonna Grow)
02 Saurai-Je
03 Bien Longtemps
04 On Dit De Lui (It's Gonna Take Me Some Time)

New Link:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Les Paul and Mary Ford - "I'm A Fool To Care" (1954)

Here is a short 4 song 7" EP by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Really tasteful guitar playing by les Paul and nice smokey vocals by Mary Ford. The songs are kind of a jazz/blues/country lounge kind of thing. Nice music. Keep in mind this record is from 1954, and I had to scrub some mold off it to rip it, so the rip is pretty crackly. Just pretend you are in your den, sitting in front of a warm fire place (your freezing apartment) listening to this on your vintage Hi-Fi (your crappy ipod dock). Enjoy this 320 rip!

Track Listing:
01 I'm A Fool To Care
02 I Really Don't Want To Know
03 Auctioneer
04 It's A Lonesome Old Town


Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Link! HEART ZONES (1991)

This is a tape rip of this weird New Age/Self Help instrumental music album that I found in a Thrift Store in Illinois last month. Four untitled songs (that repeat on the other side of the tape) that are "Proven to Boost Vitality". More like "Proven to be AWESOME".... Don't get me wrong, this tape sucks, but is pretty funny. Reminds me of later Tangerine Dream mixed with a generous dash of synth bending Claudio Simonetti riffs (late 70s Goblins). Listen while you are at home, driving or at work. For best results, listen with Dolby turned off.

Updated Link: