Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smoke 2: Compiled & Mixed by The Cowboys From Sweden (2017)

The Cowboys from Sweden return with "Smoke 2", the first sequel in my series of mix tapes as The Cowboys from Sweden... Not especially related in any specific way to my mix from 2009 (Smoke), other than the fact that this is a pretty beat heavy mix.  But really this is the darker more dramatic little brother of Smoke.  Plenty of heavy breaks and groovy bass lines on this one.  Some wild arrangements from some of the Italian library composers, introspective grooves and haunting atmospheres.  Even a few jazzy moments here and there (don't let the word jazz scare you away).  An entirely instrumental (lyric free anyway) mix with the exception of two tracks.  Over all this is a heavy mix of dark funk and psychedelic grooves, dramatic themes and murky/smokey atmospheres.  Drums, bass, organs, vibes!!! I hope you enjoy it!

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