Friday, July 17, 2015

Ozarks - One Thing (2015)

Today Attacknine Records released a brand new single by my band Ozarks (Robbie Augspurger and myself, also known as The Cowboys From Sweden). The single features two new songs. The first up is the harpsichord driven cobweb-pop tune "One Thing" which features lyrics about Ludwig Van Beethoven and his family. The second track included is a nice little liturgical slow-motion cinematic library pop instrumental called "Claudine" which draws inspiration from our love of rare soundtrack collecting (with nods to a few of our favorite film music composers such as Ennio Morricone, Fran├žois De Roubaix and Francis Lai). The cover of the single is graced with an excellent painting by the magnificent and way too talented Adam Burke (and has some minor design work by yours truly).

The single is free and you can download it now from the Attacknine Bandcamp page here.

Just click "Buy Now" and enter "0" into the price field. Then light a candle and have a listen over a nice glass of cognac.

- Eric.