Thursday, February 11, 2010

Repost by Request: Smoke: A Mix Tape By The Cowboys From Sweden (2009)

I've had a couple requests to repost this one recently. I'm Sorry, I'm not too good at checking for dead links or messages, so thanks for your patience. Here it is once more, presented in the highest quality sound for your listening pleasure. Feel free to post it elsewhere, then perhaps the links won't die so frequently... Thanks for listening! A couple new Cowboys' mixes are currently in the works and should manifest pretty soon. Thanks again for your comments and most of all patience. Check back soon, more goodies on the way. Breaks for all! Get em... Again...

01 serge gainsbourg - requiem pour un con
02 klaus doldinger - sitar beat
03 the vampires of dartmoore - tanz der vampire
04 pierre henry & michel colombier - jericho jerk
05 piero umiliani - hard times
06 sven libaek - groove
07 roberto pregadio - lena sequence
08 brigitte bardot - harley davidson
09 serge gainsbourg - rocking horse
10 serge gainsbourg - je n'avais pas qu'un seul mot a lui dire
11 kalyanji anandji - dharmatma theme music
12 serge gainsbourg - la horse
13 galt macdermot - ripped open by metal explosions
14 ennio morricone - alla luce del giorno
15 jean-claude vannier - la girafe en ballon
16 serge gainsbourg - la chanson de prévert
17 nora orlandi - dies irae
18 serge gainsbourg & brigitte bardot - bonnie and clyde
19 bruno nicolai - gin
20 armando trovajoli - vuedo nudo
21 serge gainsbourg & michel colombier - new délire again
22 ennio morricone - la moda (alternate version 1)
23 paul guiot & paul piot - amour, vacances et baroque
24 tany turens - free stop
25 les baxter - hogin' machine
26 pascale deleau - airplane
27 sven libaek - dark world
28 jacques siroul - see
29 nico fidenco - sandra's dream

Part One:
Part Two:

The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)/Make It Easy On Yourself 7" (1965)

The Walker Brothers hit single "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)" backed with the Bacharach-penned classic "Make It Easy On Yourself" from Smash records. Uber-classy pop tunes! Recommended! 320 rip.

01 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)
02 Make It Easy On Yourself

The Shadows of Knight - Gloria/Dark Side 7" (1966)

Two fuzzy rips of two fuzzy songs. Dark Side should have been the A side in my opinion although both tracks are great. Recommended listening for all the psych and garage fans out there. 320 R.I.P.

01 Gloria
02 Dark Side


Sven Libaek - Inner Space 7" (1973)

Here are two excellent tracks by Mr. Sven Libaek that were originally featured as the underwater soundtrack to Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space (a thirteen part underwater nature documentary/television series), which apparently was narrated by William Shatner. I haven't seen it (although I would love to) so correct me if this information is wrong... The music is dark, spacey, psychedelic and remains pretty low key and subdued most of the time with the exception of a couple dramatic builds here and there. If any of you listen to the Cowboys from Sweden mixes, you may recognize Dark World from the "Smoke" mix. Danger Reef has a cool shark jazz feel, with ultra atmospheric/psychedelic vibes and wah-wah guitar. Super highly recommended! Also this may still be in print, so please try and purchase it if you come across it. Sometimes has it. 320 kbps includes scan.

01 Dark World
02 Danger Reef


Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell - Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind/Hey Cowboy 7" (1970)

Two killer duets with Nina Lizell from Lee's best album "Cowboy In Sweden", with super cool picture sleeve included. 320 Kbps.

01 Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind (Who Can Sail Without The Wind)
02 Hey Cowboy


3 Lee Hazlewood Singles

Here is a batch of 3 Lee Hazlewood Singles. Not sure what to say about these, Lee is one of the best! 320 rips with artwork scans included. Cowboy-Psychedelia.

Rainbow Woman/I Am, You Are 7" (1967)
Summer Wine/Home (I'm Home) 7" (1967)
The House Song/Morning Dew 7" (1968)


Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer/Song For A Summer Night 7" (1963)

Next up is a Jack Nitzsche single that I bought the other day for a buck, oddly enough it was also released in 1963. The A side sounds like a twangy surfer/biker soundtrack and the B side is more of a swanky saxophone driven strip tease number (think Raumpatrouille era Peter Thomas). Both are very cool! 320 rip.

01 The Lonely Surfer
02 Song For A Summer Night


New Link! Françoise Hardy - EPL. 8111 7" (1963)

So today I sat around for a few hours and ripped a bunch of 45 singles for fun. Naturally, I thought I should share them with everyone. First up is a 4 song EP from 1963 by the lovely queen of Ye-ye, Françoise Hardy. This is really cool, very early work that features arrangements by Marcel Hendrix and his Orchestra. Kind of a western cowboy pop vibe. Short and sweet (9 minutes of music)! Ripped at 320 Kbps. Get it!

01 Qui Aime-t-il Vraiment (Your Nose Is Gonna Grow)
02 Saurai-Je
03 Bien Longtemps
04 On Dit De Lui (It's Gonna Take Me Some Time)

New Link:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Les Paul and Mary Ford - "I'm A Fool To Care" (1954)

Here is a short 4 song 7" EP by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Really tasteful guitar playing by les Paul and nice smokey vocals by Mary Ford. The songs are kind of a jazz/blues/country lounge kind of thing. Nice music. Keep in mind this record is from 1954, and I had to scrub some mold off it to rip it, so the rip is pretty crackly. Just pretend you are in your den, sitting in front of a warm fire place (your freezing apartment) listening to this on your vintage Hi-Fi (your crappy ipod dock). Enjoy this 320 rip!

Track Listing:
01 I'm A Fool To Care
02 I Really Don't Want To Know
03 Auctioneer
04 It's A Lonesome Old Town