Monday, November 16, 2015

"They're Out There" - A horror mix by Ivan Rassimov (2015)

78 minutes of dark disco and synthy atmospheres.  Listen in the dark!

Download it here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ozarks - One Thing (2015)

Today Attacknine Records released a brand new single by my band Ozarks (Robbie Augspurger and myself, also known as The Cowboys From Sweden). The single features two new songs. The first up is the harpsichord driven cobweb-pop tune "One Thing" which features lyrics about Ludwig Van Beethoven and his family. The second track included is a nice little liturgical slow-motion cinematic library pop instrumental called "Claudine" which draws inspiration from our love of rare soundtrack collecting (with nods to a few of our favorite film music composers such as Ennio Morricone, François De Roubaix and Francis Lai). The cover of the single is graced with an excellent painting by the magnificent and way too talented Adam Burke (and has some minor design work by yours truly).

The single is free and you can download it now from the Attacknine Bandcamp page here.

Just click "Buy Now" and enter "0" into the price field. Then light a candle and have a listen over a nice glass of cognac.

- Eric.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jacques Dutronc madness!

Here's a collection of seven different EPs by Jacques Dutronc ranging from 1966-1970!  26 songs total, over an hour and ten minutes of non-stop Dutronc!  I don't need to tell you how good this guy is...  Ripped from the original 7" singles at 320 for your listening pleasure.  Each EP is contained in it's own folder with front and back artwork!  Enjoy.

Get it here.

Christophe - Excusez-Moi Mr. Le Professeur 7" EP (1966)

Oof!  This is a killer early single from Mr. Christophe!  It's hard to find a Christophe song that isn't completely epic.  This EP contains four lush pop songs loaded with orchestral stabs, percussion and Christophe belting out the vocals.  Upbeat highly melodic French pop by one of the best!  Ripped from the original 7", includes cover scans.  Enjoy!

Get it here.

France Gall - L'Amérique 7" EP (1965)

Here's a nice four track France Gall EP from 1965.  This one contains a few of my favorite tracks of hers (well, it' hard to pick since she's got so many great songs), but "On Se Ressemble Toi Et Moi" and "Le Temps De La Rentrée" are both killer!  Ripped from the original 7", includes covers...

Get it here.

Jane Birkin - Black... White (1980)

Here's a strange promotional pop single that was put out in 1980 by Desk & Feild.  Obviously it's a Jane Birkin single and a very funky one at that.  This single features two versions of a song called "Black... White..." (English and French vocal versions) which was written by Pierre Bachelet and Herve Roy (Emmanuelle OST).  It's a fast paced song with a driving staccato clavichord melody, bass and electric guitars.  Music for ski resorts, should go nicely with a glass of Génépi.  Compliments of BLACK & WHITE Scotch Whiskey.

Ripped from the original 7", includes cover scans.

Get it here:

Armando Trovajoli - L'Arcidiavolo (1966)

Re-up by request.  Yeah, you better believe I ripped both LPs!  320kbps + cover scans.

Get it here.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Guy Bonnet - Wladimir Le Musicien (1974)

Guy Bonnet's Wladimir Le Musicien LP is one of the rare holy grails of dignified pop!  Extremely lush arrangements throughout, this album delivers top notch pop/chanson tunes one after the other.  The album also features the notorious Mr. Nabukov track which features heavy breakbeats over dark string arrangements accompanied by a male and female vocal duet.  The album was orchestrated by Karl Heinz Schäfer (Les Gants Blancs Du Diable), so there are plenty of nice Jean-Claude Vannier-esque moments to be found here.  The opening track (which happens to be the title track) Wladimir Le Musicien is one of my favorites.  An extremely ambitious pop tune with extremely groovy verses and an over the top classical piano breakdown at the bridge.  So many great moments on this record, it's hard to mention them all.  Many of the other tracks throughout the album have a nice light baroque-pop feel.  Very catchy, masterfully executed pop with top notch production and musicianship.  Listen for yourselves!  Ripped from the original LP at 320 kbps.  Includes front and back cover scans.  Enjoy. 

Get it here.

Light Reflections - Tell Me Once Again 7" (1973)

Here's another somewhat obscure single from the early 70s by a Brazilian based group called Light Reflections.  Tell Me Once Again (Side A) is a sweet and smooth love ballad.  Nice mellow jazzy electric guitar tones, sentimental string arrangements, organs, bass, drums...  Both of these tracks are sung in English (with a good thick accent!).  Once again, I was after the B-Side when I tracked this one down.  Eyes Blue Eyes is a dark and trippy downtempo pop tune with a strong liturgical organ intro leading into some slow rimshot breaks driven by a descending pick-bass line.  Vocals are very laid back and nice on this one (melancholy and dreamy).  A smoky atmospheric pop tune not to be missed!  Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps, includes cover scans!

Get it here.

Zeugma - Témoignage/Le Magicien 7" (1978)

Here's a nice rare French rock single by a pretty obscure group called Zeugma.  Honestly I really don't know anything about them really outside of this single (it's their only entry on Discogs), but the tracks here are solid!  The A side is a bit of a proggy rocker that gets into some really bizarro territory with the weirdo fuzz guitar riffs.  A heavy slab of psych for the ones who are into that sort of thing!  The real gold (for me) is the B side on this one with their track Le Magicien.  A beautiful slow burner of a ballad.  Lazy phased guitars driving a great vocal melody over some nice laid back drum breaks.  A real feel-good track.  Ripped from the collection of the Cowboys from Sweden.  I originally intended to include this on the last mix tape "Autumn Moon", but decided I wanted to keep everything in English for that one.  So, here it is for your listening pleasure...  320 rip with cover scans included!  Enjoy.

Get it here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Repeated Viewing - Three Sisters Main Titles (2015)

Giallo fans, you are in for a treat!  My label Wil-Ru Records just released a new three track single by Repeated Viewing (Alan Sinclair) featuring the main titles from his upcoming full length soundtrack for Dáire McNab's modern day neo-giallo murder mystery film The Three Sisters.  The title track is a dark moody theme reminiscent of the classic late 70s Italian soundtracks by Goblin, Libra and Fabio Frizzi (to name a few) utilizing gritty electric guitars, piano, analog synthesizer, driving drums and pulsating bass lines and even some female choirs.  Also featured on this single are two exclusive bonus tracks; the Carpenter-esque "Wanderer" and my personal favorite "The Horror Of Bexteth Hill", which sounds like a lost theme from some forgotten Jess Franco gothic vampire flick with it's heavy breakbeat and staccato harpsichord shredding (think Alessandro Alessandroni's theme for Devil's Nightmare).  The single features cover art by yours truly and also includes desktop wallpaper graphics for those who like to play creepy dress up with their computer backgrounds... 

The full score should be out within a month from now (fingers crossed) on CD and Digtial formats.

The single is free and can be downloaded here.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Autumn Moon - Compiled & Mixed by The Cowboys From Sweden (2015)

Okay, here's a new Cowboys from Sweden mix I finished today called Autumn Moon. It was intended to be a Fall/Winter mix, so naturally with my luck it lands ironically on the first day of Spring! Anyway, it's a mix of trippy psychedelic folk/pop and library songs from the late 60s and early 70s. Also I believe this is the first Cowboys mix that is entirely in English (and includes only 3 instrumentals). I thought a lot about my time living in Prague (featured on the cover) when I made this, so the mood is pretty old, overcast, grey and dreamy. To quote the film The Science of Sleep, this mix is roughly based on the themes of "Love, friendships, relationships... and all those 'ships' "... I hope you enjoy, it's a moody one!

Ripped at 320 kbps, includes front and back covers.

Get it here.

Or Here