Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gary Pacific Orchestra - Soft Wind 45 (2009 Reissue)

Here's a quick vinyl rip, but a great one! After using the title track from this 7" on a mix tape a while back ("In A Cowboy's Mind", track 4), I fell in love with the track so deeply that I felt obligated to get my hands on a physical copy. Lucky for me Sonorama put out this nice 45 reissue last year that includes "Soft Wind" and two other killer tracks. First I'll start with Soft Wind... This song is so cool. Starting up with bass and drums, the song gradually locks into a super groovy break that is accompanied by smooth horns and spaced-out guitars. The overall vibe is somewhere between Sven Libaek's early 70's Library work and the precision and sophistication of Serge Gainsbourg's beat driven euro-pop sound (Think "En Melody"). Track 2 "Stop Your Fever" is basically a remake of Soft Wind, but a little more blown out and over the top. Same basic backing track, but this time, let's add heavy bongos, flashy Saxophone's etc... Very reminiscent of Gert Wilden Orchestra or the Vamipres of Dartmore. You get the picture. ...Basically the end credits to a 70's exploitation film. Track 3, the oddly named "E. Colitron Alpha", doesn't waste any time. Following in the footsteps of track 2, this track quickly escalates into a full speed heavy-funk car chase (Not literally, but that's what I'd imagine). Get it here, 320 kbps Rip (Including scans), delivered straight from vinyl to your precious ears.

01. Soft Wind
02. Stop Your Fever
03. E. Colitron Alpha