Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Repeated Viewing - Three Sisters Main Titles (2015)

Giallo fans, you are in for a treat!  My label Wil-Ru Records just released a new three track single by Repeated Viewing (Alan Sinclair) featuring the main titles from his upcoming full length soundtrack for Dáire McNab's modern day neo-giallo murder mystery film The Three Sisters.  The title track is a dark moody theme reminiscent of the classic late 70s Italian soundtracks by Goblin, Libra and Fabio Frizzi (to name a few) utilizing gritty electric guitars, piano, analog synthesizer, driving drums and pulsating bass lines and even some female choirs.  Also featured on this single are two exclusive bonus tracks; the Carpenter-esque "Wanderer" and my personal favorite "The Horror Of Bexteth Hill", which sounds like a lost theme from some forgotten Jess Franco gothic vampire flick with it's heavy breakbeat and staccato harpsichord shredding (think Alessandro Alessandroni's theme for Devil's Nightmare).  The single features cover art by yours truly and also includes desktop wallpaper graphics for those who like to play creepy dress up with their computer backgrounds... 

The full score should be out within a month from now (fingers crossed) on CD and Digtial formats.

The single is free and can be downloaded here.  Enjoy!