Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ozarks - Pyramids of Love (Video)

Check this out! My buddy Robbie and I (The Cowboys From Sweden) filmed this music video for our song "Pyramids of Love" a few weeks back. The track will be featured on our full length debut LP coming out in about a month or so. Our band is called Ozarks and the music is pretty heavily inspired by all the cool 60s and 70s baroque pop and rock bands that we all know and love so well. More info on that soon. With the video however, we were going for a live stage performance vibe (kind of like those tv specials and variety shows from the 60s), juxtaposed with some leather-clad giallo killer playing all the instruments. Just imagine Dario Argento is the one man band and you should be able to sit through this just fine... Best Regards... eric. PS. Comments and harsh criticism is always nice to hear. Thanks!