Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"X" - Compiled & Mixed By The Cowboys From Sweden (2011)

Almost an entire year has passed since my last Cowboys From Sweden mix tape was posted! That said, sorry for the wait! Anyway, here it is, the 10th mix by The Cowboys From Sweden (thus the title "X", the Roman Numeral "10"). This one is easily the most dynamic mix of the series so far. Starting off in a dark hallucinogenic daydream, exploring the bliss and loneliness of solitude. Soft dream-like soundscapes melt into dark classical psychedelia. Moody late 60's folk, sentimental piano music, some opium den music... The mood shifts and develops, like a journey for your mind! After a few choice break beat heavy vocal tracks, the mix escalates into a hazy cloud of early 70's prog-rock laced with swirling fuzz guitars, pipe organs, synthesizers and BEATS! Let's not forget about the key ingredient in every Cowboys mix: Groovy bass lines! Plenty of those to be found here as well. Oddly enough, this mix turned up a lot of tracks with upright bass lines as too. All of these ingredients combined build up to the climax of Serge Gainsbourg's "Cargo Culte" from the holiest grail of all pop records, his 1971 masterpiece "Histoire De Melody Nelson" (an LP included in every single Cowboy's DJ set since the beginning of time). Yes, I'm sure you all know it already, but I wanted to showcase it as the premier track since our 10th mix is kind of a special occasion for us, and that album has so much to do with our sound (Well, the sounds we like!). A toast to Serge and Mr. Jean-Claude Vannier! To settle things down after all the commotion, there is a little wink at the camera at the end of the mix with a quiet night time nocturne by Poyuschie Gitary... I hope that you all enjoy it, it's been fun making these mixes and I thank you all for your gracious feedback! It makes it all the more fun to know that people are listening and enjoying these rare tracks with us! Comments are always welcome and appreciated! 78 more minutes of rarities ripped at 320 kbps from us to you! Enjoy!

Sincerely, The Cowboys

Ps. I would also like to thank all the other excellent bloggers keeping this music alive with their rips and mixes! Keep Riping!

01 Système Crapoutchik/Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne
02 Christophe/Red Mountain
03 Billy Green/Amanda
04 Alain Goraguer/Strip Tease
05 La Nouvelle Frontière/Sans Légende
06 Susan Christie/Rainy Day
07 Stanley Myers/Solitaire
08 Ennio Morricone/Canzone Per Donatella
09 Ilous & Decuyper/Berceuse
10 Alessandro Alessandroni/Sesso In Controluce
11 Claude Lombard/Les Enfants Perle
12 Nino Ferrer/Looking For You
13 Anne Lonnberg/Ne Ferme Pas Ta Porte
14 Jane Birkin/Kawasaki
15 Jean-Pierre Ferland/Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes
16 Bernard Lavilliers/L'Espagne
17 Christophe/The Girl From Salina
18 Guido & Maurizio De Angelis/Life Of A Policeman
19 Blue Phantom/Metamorphosis
20 Egg/Fugue In D Minor
21 Bill Conti/Packing Up
22 Remigio Ducros/Vigilia Nel Chiostro
23 Francois De Roubaix/Les Dunes D'Ostende
24 Michel Legrand & The London Symphony Orchestra/Theme and Variations For Two Pianos and Orchestra (From The Go-Between)
25 Pierre Bachelet & Herve Roy/Emmanuelle In The Mirror
26 Pierre Bachelet & Herve Roy/Emmanuelle Steps Out
27 Pierre Cavalli/Un Soir Chez Norris
28 Serge Gainsbourg/Cargo Culte
29 Poyuschie Gitary/Nocturne