Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cowboys From Sweden Live DJ-Set at TIGA, December 9th, 2009.

Hey Everyone,
Here's a live DJ set that was recorded back in December of last year, straight from the mixer to the radio. This was a 5 hour set, but only 2 hours of it was broadcasted. So if you are interested, you can hear what a pretty typical night is for us. You'll have to excuse the crudeness of the mix. It's hard to be as precise live as we are on the mix tapes because there are two of us and the occasional person talking to us during the set, so that said, it's no mix tape, but still a lot of great songs here. The mix picks up right at the tail end of our "modern set", then into the older classier stuff. We generally play modern tracks we like for the first hour or so to warm up before we really get into it. Anyway, this is on continuous 2 hour track. Sorry, no divisions or track-listing. Hope you enjoy it regardless. This is an all vinyl mix, we believe that ipods are cheating when it comes to a live set. Thanks for your comments.

- The Cowboys