Friday, January 25, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg - Cannabis (1969)

This is the score to Pierre Koralnik's 1969 film Cannabis. The film was titled "French Intrigue" (also "The Mafia Wants Your Blood") for the US release. Not only did Serge Gainsbourg compose the soundtrack (in collaboration with Jean-Claude Vannier), he also starred in the film with his wife Jane Birkin. This is one of my favorite of Gainsbourg's soundtracks, full of amazing grooves, break-beat drums, harpsichord, huge guitar riffs and funky bass lines. The film it's self was pretty slow and kind of corny actually, but worth it to see Serge shooting up gangsters with a tommy gun in an enormous chicken coop. The music is much better than the film. It's definitely worth the download....

Also, this 2003 reissue includes the soundtrack to the 1967 film "Ce Sacre Grand-Pere" or "The marriage came tumbling down" which Gainsbourg co-wrote with Michel Colombier. I haven't seen this film, so I won't try and fake my way through a review. Musically however, the soundtrack is not as funky as Cannabis, but has some very nice moments and some dark and pretty instrumentals. A bit more orchestral, but still has the Gainsbourg touch. Beautiful.

01 Cannabis (Vocals by Serge Gainsbourg)
02 Première blessure
03 Le deuxième homme
04 Jane dans la nuit (Vocals by Jane Birkin)
05 Danger
06 Chanvre indien
07 Avant de mourir
08 Arabique
09 Cannabis (instrumental)
10 I want to feel crazy
11 Dernière blessure
12 Piege
13 Cannabis-bis (final)
14 L'herbe tendre (Vocals by Michel Simon & Serge Gainsbourg)
15 Ce sacré Grand-Père (générique)
16 Champêtre et pop, Pt. 1
17 Nous les Jéricho
18 L'herbe tendre (instrumental)
19 Balade en Provence
20 Champêtre et pop, Pt. 1
21 L'adieu (generique fin)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don George - Mr. Romance (2004)

Awesome... This is singer/actor Don George's album "Mr. Romance". Don George happens to be my band mate Robbie Augspurger's grandfather and all around good guy. This is a karaoke album Mr. George cut back in 2004 at a professional recording studio. The songs are mostly covers of Sinatra, Ray Charles, stuff like that. Stuff he likes to sing. Don had a cold when he recorded this, so he claims that it's not his best work, but it sure has a lot of character... He also claims that he is a 9000 year old dracula. Just kidding, that's not true, I made that part up. The music is Don's voice backed by expensive midis. Not sure there is anything else I can say about it. Cool, I'm glad I posted this.

Track Listing:
1. Stranger In The Night
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. You Are So Beautiful To Me
5. After The Lovin'
6. That Summer Wind
7. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
8. For The Good Times
9. That's Life
10. My Way
11. It Was A Very Good Year

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood

This is Lee's 1966 album "The very special world of Lee Hazlewood", which seems to be sort of his first best of compilation. This record features many of my favorite Lee Hazlewood songs: "Sand", "My Autumn's Done Come", "Your Sweet Love', "For One Moment", they are all awesome... Get this if you are into over the top lush orchestral cowboy psychedelia.

Track Listing:
1. For One Moment
2. When a Fool Loves a Fool
3. Not the Lovin' Kind
4. Your Sweet Love
5. Sand
6. My Autumn's Done Come
7. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
8. I Move Around
9. So Long, Babe
10. Bugles In the Afternoon
11. My Baby Cried All Night Long

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