Saturday, June 13, 2015

Zeugma - Témoignage/Le Magicien 7" (1978)

Here's a nice rare French rock single by a pretty obscure group called Zeugma.  Honestly I really don't know anything about them really outside of this single (it's their only entry on Discogs), but the tracks here are solid!  The A side is a bit of a proggy rocker that gets into some really bizarro territory with the weirdo fuzz guitar riffs.  A heavy slab of psych for the ones who are into that sort of thing!  The real gold (for me) is the B side on this one with their track Le Magicien.  A beautiful slow burner of a ballad.  Lazy phased guitars driving a great vocal melody over some nice laid back drum breaks.  A real feel-good track.  Ripped from the collection of the Cowboys from Sweden.  I originally intended to include this on the last mix tape "Autumn Moon", but decided I wanted to keep everything in English for that one.  So, here it is for your listening pleasure...  320 rip with cover scans included!  Enjoy.

Get it here.

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