Saturday, June 13, 2015

Guy Bonnet - Wladimir Le Musicien (1974)

Guy Bonnet's Wladimir Le Musicien LP is one of the rare holy grails of dignified pop!  Extremely lush arrangements throughout, this album delivers top notch pop/chanson tunes one after the other.  The album also features the notorious Mr. Nabukov track which features heavy breakbeats over dark string arrangements accompanied by a male and female vocal duet.  The album was orchestrated by Karl Heinz Schäfer (Les Gants Blancs Du Diable), so there are plenty of nice Jean-Claude Vannier-esque moments to be found here.  The opening track (which happens to be the title track) Wladimir Le Musicien is one of my favorites.  An extremely ambitious pop tune with extremely groovy verses and an over the top classical piano breakdown at the bridge.  So many great moments on this record, it's hard to mention them all.  Many of the other tracks throughout the album have a nice light baroque-pop feel.  Very catchy, masterfully executed pop with top notch production and musicianship.  Listen for yourselves!  Ripped from the original LP at 320 kbps.  Includes front and back cover scans.  Enjoy. 

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