Monday, February 18, 2013

Claude François - Monsieur Le Businessman EP (1968)

Here's anther quick one while I'm at it.  This is a four track EP by Claude François called "Monsieur Le Businessman" from 1968.  A pretty upbeat little single featuring four over the top (and sometimes slightly zany) French vocal pop tracks.  Huge orchestral arrangements, heavy drumming and Mr. François' insane vocal delivery makes for a very entertaining listen.  Short and sweet, get it now!  Ripped from the original 7", 320 kbps!  Zip contains cover scans and center labels too!

Track listing:
A1 Avec La Tête, Avec Le Coeur
A2 Prends Garde Petite Fille
B1 Monsieur Le Businessman
B2 Chante Pleure



Easywind said...

Hello Nature Film!

My name is Easywind, I am a lover & collector of Italian 1970s music (soundtracks, library, cosmic etc.) ... & I was one of the biggest fans of your "Dabadabadaba"-compilation-series!
Can you please start uploading italian soundtrack-music at "Nature Film" again? I miss it very much!
And there are several italian albums from the 70s I am looking for desperatly ... maybe you can help me to get them? Here is a short list - & maybe we can share albums privately? Maybe I have some albums you are looking for too?

1. Paolo Vasile – Controrapina OST
2. Gianfranco Plenizio – Marcia Trionfale OST
3. Riz Ortolani – Bisturi/ La Mafia Bianca 7“
4. CAM Daniele Patucchi – Brani Ritmici A Sottofondo
5. Il Ragazzo Che Sorride
6. Ennio Morricone – Escalation OST
7. Ennio Morricone – Quando L´Amore E Sensualita OST
8. Lesiman – Here & Now
9. VA CAM Mille Peccati Nessuna Virtu
10. Gianni Mazza – La Citta No.2
11. Franco De Gemini – Vai Colliscio OST

Please contact me at my e-mailadress:


Best Wishes, ... Easywind

Nature Film said...

I don't recall doing a Dabadaba series. Could you point that out to me? Perhaps it was something else? I think I've got a few of those albums on your list, the Morricone ones for sure. I'll send you an email soon.

Easywind said...

Hi Nature Film!

Thank you! - it would be great if you could help me getting some of those albums on my list?

If you like to visit my little youtube-channel at:

It deals with italian-soundtracks, italian-funk & - cosmic stuff!

I am looking forward to your e-mail ... & maybe we can share albums/music & maybe I have some good albums for you?


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