Monday, February 18, 2013

Jean-Pierre Ferland - Jaune (1970)

Here we have a fresh vinyl rip of Jean-Pierre Ferland's 1970 LP "Jaune"!  If you haven't yet heard this rarity from Barclay records, you should certainly check it out.  I was shocked upon my first listen how lushly produced this album was and how solid the song writing was. Beautiful arrangements throughout the LP take you on a diverse trip through some soft sentimental songs, dark heavy hitting grooves and even a disco number!  Some of you may recognize Ferland's masterpiece (in my opinion) "Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes" which was covered by Charlotte Gainsbourg, on her IRM album a few years back. That was certainly the track that first caught my attention with it's heavy break-beats over lush orchestral stabs and spooky children's choir.  Perfect chamber pop!  Although the rest of the LP isn't quite as dark as that track, there are plenty of other lovely songs to discover here.  One of my other favorites is the soft ballad called "Le Petit Roi" which is kind of the first official track on the LP.  Towards the end of the song, the music fades out and then fades back in, coming back with some beautiful female vocals taking over the lead vocals.  There are a bunch of cool musical interludes too throughout the album filled with great breaks, pick bass, orchestra and synthesizers.  I think that's about all I should say.  Give it a listen, it's a rare one and you can't find it anywhere else.  This was ripped from the original LP by the Cowboys from Sweden.  Enjoy!  320 kbps.

Track listing:
A1 Prologue
A2 Le Petit Roi
A3 Quand On Aime On A Toujours Vingt Ans
A4 Sing Sing
A5 God Is An Americain
A6 Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes
B1 ...
B2 Y'a Des Jours
B3 Ce Qu'on Dit Quand On Tient Une Femme Dans Ses Bras
B4 Épilogue
B5 It Ain't Fair



Bradley Hall said...
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Bradley Hall said...

Great blog Cowboys!


this sounds awesome by the description but the link is dead. any chance you can re-upload? if so many thanks!

Algernon said...

This sounds... It is a very fine LP !

I try a new demand for a re-up, attracted by the mention vinyl rip.
Thanks if I have the chance for a favorable answer.