Saturday, April 13, 2013

Melancholy Suite 70: Compiled & Mixed by The Cowboys From Sweden (2013)

Finally, a brand new mix by the Cowboys from Sweden! This one I've actually been sitting on for a few years now believe it or not. In a mostly dark catalog, "Melancholy Suite 70" is a lighter pop mix from the Cowboys from Sweden. The emphasis here is primarily light and breezy Baroque Pop music from the late 60s and early 70s. As I said before, I've been wanting to put together this mix for a few years now, but have continued to be distracted by all of the dark holy grails of European soundtracks, library and popular music. So, it's a bit of a relief to take a short break from that sound and do something a little less moody for a change. However, I'm already cooking up my next (even darker) Cowboys mix! Hopefully that won't take as long as this one did. Anyway, here you go, a nice Baroque listen featuring lots of dignified pop obscurities and I'm sure a lot of pop hits as well. Until next time, enjoy!

Re-mastered, mixed and ripped at 320 kbps. Artwork included.