Monday, December 17, 2012

NEW LINK! Be Quiet: Compiled & Mixed by The Cowboys From Sweden (2012)

Hello everybody,
it's been a while since my last installment.  Today I am happy to present the eleventh mix by the Cowboys from Sweden!  I have been playing around with this one for nearly a year now and it features some of my favorite tracks of possibly all time (At least a few).  "Be Quiet" (inspired by Jean-Jacques Dexter's "Be Quite" which is not a typo) is another compilation of dark groovy tunes you'll be sure to fall in love with.  This mix starts of a bit aggressive with a lot of heavy drums and percussion, chugging stringed orchestration and exotic instruments (there's even a little dip into some fuzzed-out prog rock by Electric Sandwich).  After the initial build up, the mix takes you down into some dark groovy territory highly dominated by the productions of my favorites François De Roubaix and Jean-Claude Vannier.  Some spacy vocal pop tracks and some instrumentals, this is your typical moody Cowboys listening session.  Many of these tracks including songs by Jean-Pierre Mirouze, Bernard Levalliers, Leonie, Karl Heinz Schäfer and Jean-Claude Vannier have been a big part of our live DJ sets this year, so I am quite pleased to finally put them on a compilation.  There was a lot of chopping and editing going on here, so some of the tracks are only partial just to add to the cinematic experience.  Also to enhance the listen, I did a couple back to back tracks by the same artist (François De Roubaix, Jean-Claude Vannier & Nico Fidenco) to really capture the mood of the artist's work.  Keep your ear out for the insane Vannier produced groove "Ah! Mon Cher Hector" by french vocalist Dani (might be my favorite song I've ever heard).  Other notable tracks to look out for are "En Alabama" by Leonie, which is an alternate vocal version of a Jean-Claude Vannier and Karl Heinz Schäfer arranged track also known as "Je M'Appelle Geraldine" and the super cool synthy yet baroque track "Et Si On Invitait James Dean?" by François De Roubaix featuring a duet between Fred Pallem and Juliette Paquereau. Towards the end of the mix there is a breathtaking duet between François De Roubaix and Elisabeth Teissier called "Prédestination"; A cosmic astrology-centered love ballad with some of the grooviest drums, basslines and synthesizers I've heard in ages.  I might also recommend that you check out the recent vinyl reissue of Jean-Pierre Mirouze's ultra groovy soundtrack for "La Mariage Collectif" that was featured on this mix twice with "Lovers Party" and the holy grail "Sexopolis" (originally released on 7" as a B-side to the pop song "Together", these two tracks where the only songs that ever got released from this soundtrack until now).  Anyway, I could keep going on, but I don't want to spoil all the fun of actually listening to the mix.  Hopefully you all enjoy the mix as much as I did making it...

Remastered and ripped at 320kbps.  Download includes front and back cover art featuring the lovely Anna Karina.

Comments are appreciated.  Thanks.

Track Listing:

01 Georges Garvarentz/Haschisch Party
02 Jean-Jacques Dexter/Be Quite
03 Electric Sandwich/China
04 Michel Colombier/Cannon
05 Jean-Pierre Mirouze/Lovers Party
06 Serge Gainsbourg/Chanson Du Forçat
07 Galt MacDermot/Woe Is Me
08 Georges Garvarentz/Chez Timakoff
09 François De Roubaix/Les Dunes D'Ostende
10 François De Roubaix/Et Si On Invitait James Dean? [Vocals By Fred Pallem & Juliette Paquereau]
11 Janko Nilovic/Etude En Blanc
12 Brigitte Fontaine/Il Pleut
13 Franco Battiato/Beta
14 Serge Gainsbourg/L'Hotel Particulier
15 Dani/Ah! Mon Cher Hector
16 Jean-Claude Vannier/L'Ours Paresseux
17 Jean-Claude Vannier/Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse
18 Bernard Lavilliers/La Vérité
19 Jean-Pierre Mirouze/Sexopolis
20 Karl-Heinz Schäfer/Couleurs [Vocals by Leonie]
21 Jean-Claude Vannier/Au Désespoir Des Singes
22 Leonie/En Alabama
23 Bernard Lavilliers/Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'un Billet De Banque
24 François De Roubaix/Prédestination [Vocals By Elisabeth Teissier & François De Roubaix]
25 Jean-Pierre Ferland/...
26 Stanley Myers/Fur Coat
27 Nico Fidenco/Emanuelle In America Sweet
28 Nico Fidenco/Monica's Mirror

Get it here!


September 70 Sounds said...

Fantastic stuff. I do a bit of mixing myself,and it's weird but we've used a few of the same tracks over our mixes, quite unintentionally - I've used Il Pleut and Beta, both distinct and far from being obvious choices. It's like looking into a mirror sometimes. if you are interested in checking it out. Thanks again for another splendid collection of songs.

Nature Film said...

Thanks for the comment! I checked out your mixcloud today and listened to a bunch of sets. Really nice tunes! Lots of stuff I hadn't heard before and lots of favorites too. Thanks for sending the link, I'm sure I'll go back for more...

September 70 Sounds said...

No. Thank you for having a listen. I've enjoyed all your mixes so far, just thought it's about time I told you so. I must say there are parallels in our work, we seem to cross musical paths quite a few times, I think we've got an ear for the dramatic, unusual, obscure and of course beat driven side of soundtrack and library. I would love to see you put your stuff up on mixcloud (it is free after all). If you do, let me know, I'll follow you gladly. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Marian said...

C'est un crime de lèse majesté les amis de ne pas repartager les singles de Michel Mercier ou l'étrange panthère... entre autres bijoux d'inanités sonores (ou est-ce du dream?)
Bravo pour tout! Votre musique et ses partages.
Le Connoisseur.

rp said...

Yes!!! the best part of the year
is getting a new CFS mix!!

all through the year i look
forward to a new one--

i listen to your compilations
all the time, and each one is
a work of art!


Nature Film said...

Thanks everyone for your generous compliments. It makes it all worth while to meet and hear from fellow crate diggers and deep music appreciators like myself. After all, if it wasn't for all the others like myself, It would be extremely hard to come across and discover all these rare tracks. So thank you!

Nature Film said...

Re: September 70...
Yeah, I definitely agree, we've got a lot in common musically speaking. I guess if you are into the genre (Soundtracks and Library), it's only a matter of time before you draw the same conclusions right? However, there is always another more obscure gem to be discovered. In fact, you proved that to me many times when I was listening to your mixes! Lots of super solid stuff I hadn't heard before (or at least had forgotten about). It's always cool to hear a track that you are familiar with used in a new context. I think that's half of the fun of making a compilation, trying to put songs in a new light. I'll have to check out mixcloud, haven't looked into it yet. Sounds fun. The only problem is that I only put together about one or two mixes a year. Anyway, we'll see.

My name is Eric by the way. Check my artist links on the side bar and you'll find my painting website...

kindsaluv said...

can't wait to hear this one, i've downloaded others in past days and it's really been a pleasure to listen while i'm goin to work.
i'd like to recommend you a good blog where you can find obscure italian gems
cheers K

Ricky Fresh said...

insane mix. just found your site tonight, and am bummed that the older mediafire links no longer work. it would be rad to have access to those! thanks for the goods...

Enoch Soames said...

Thanks! It's always a pleasure to drop by and find a new Cowboys set. I appreciate your taste and the care you take - not only with the music, but with the art as well.

ZiZZ said...

yeah, way too cool to begin 2013! love it! ... sorry for asking, but is it possible to re-up the psych-out mix?


ps: love the covers too!... all fits so well togheter!

Nate Ashley said...

Great stuff. I love your comps. Thank you for the time you put in to these. Your graphic design is awesome too!

davor makic said...

Wow your blog is still alive... it's been a while :D Thanks for great gems

Ross Werlick Music said...

This mix is INSANE.

Not to mention the font on the album cover, it's incredibly inspiring. Which font is that?

Keep up the wonderful work:)

E.M. said...

Hi, I've found a track by Jean Mirouze on this superb compilation. Do you know how can I find "Marriage Collectif" OST to donwload? But not the current version easily found everywhere, but the another — and rare — one, with sung tracks, which I read was found footage. The cover is that