Thursday, April 28, 2011

A rare single from Michèle Mercier...

This is an extremely rare 7" single by actress Michèle Mercier. I've only seen one physical copy online before, so I actually had to Frankenstein this one together from 3 different sources over time. Two really cool tracks on this, it's a shame someone doesn't reissue it. Side A offers "La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchic", a really catchy dark pop tune written by Serge Gainsbourg with some obvious help from Jean-Claude Vannier (heavy minor key orchestral stabs, shredding harpsichord). The song is about a girl who wears a metal dress that goes "Tchic Ti Tchic" when she dances (I think, I don't actually speak French). Side B is a flirtatious bouncy pop tune called "Six-Huit" written by Guy Skornik. Slightly less dark than the A side and a bit more up-tempo and funky (while still managing to pull off some top notch orchestration). Although I didn't actually create the original rips and scans here (thank you to whoever originally did!), these two tracks that are pretty hard to track down, so I'd definitely recommend grabbing it while you can...

A: La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchic
B: Six-Huit



989 said...

Thank You

François said...

It's a pity you're not speaking French.There is a plenty of obscene allusions in "six huit"
One verse for example:
In French " J'ouvre grand mes lèvres quand tu sors ton six huit"
In English " my lips are wide open when you exhibit your six huit".
Dirty old Serge !!!
By the way,both songs are great.