Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sean Bonniwell//The Music Machine - Point of no Return/King Mixer 7" (1966)

I did a little bit of vinyl ripping today, so I thought I should share some of it. First up is a 7" that Sundazed put out a few years back of two unreleased Sean Bonniwell tracks. Well, technically the sleeve reads Sean Bonniwell//The Music Machine, so maybe there was some confusion about if the tracks were solo work or B sides from The Music Machine. I'm not sure. Anyway, they are both pretty interesting artifacts of forgotten American psychedelic garage rock. The A side "Point of no Return" is pretty far out psych trip, featuring a lot of abrupt blasts of fuzz guitar, organ, feedback and of course Sean's deep dramatic vocal delivery. The riffs in this one have almost a medieval feel to them, not so different from Strawberry Alarm Clocks "Incense and Peppermints". Side B "King Mixer" is a little poppier, and a little groovier. Pretty catchy actually. Anyway, this guy's got a pretty good finger on psychedelia, so check it out... 320 rips, front and back cover scans included!

01 Point of no Return
02 King Mixer


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