Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sven Libaek & His Orchestra - Misty Canyon/Soul Thing 7" (1970)

Here is one of my all time favorite library grooves by the one and only Norwegian film & Television composer, Sven Libaek! Misty Canyon, what a cool track! Deep, moody, groovy, jazzy, dark & spacey... Perfect! You rarely find a track where the bass line & drum beat groove together as naturally as this (plus, what a cool vibraphone solo right?). This track definitely gets dropped every time I spin records. On the other side we've got "Soul Thing". Same overall sound as side one, but this ones a bit more up-tempo with a lighter mood to it. Both tracks originally appeared on Sven Libaek's 1970 Library record "My Thing", which always reminds me sonically of Lee Hazlewood's epic "Cowboy in Sweden" album from the same year, oddly enough. This single was put out by Votary Records from Australia a few months ago. Supposedly they are also working on reissuing the entire album eventually, but even this single kept being pushed back for what seemed like forever, so we'll see when it shows up. You can find this record at, but supplies are limited, so hurry up. After hearing these tracks, can you believe that Sven composed music for Hanna-Barbera cartoons too? Enjoy...

320 vinyl rip with scans!

01 Misty Canyon
02 Soul Thing



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really cool stuff- much obliged for sharing!