Wednesday, February 1, 2017

François De Roubaix - Ho ! - Bande Originale Du Film (1968)

Here's a cool little four track EP by one of my all time favorite composers, Mr. François De Roubaix from the soundtrack of Robert Enrico's 1968 gangster film "Ho !" starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Joanna Shimkus.  Musically on this one, we start out with some crazy high energy detuned bar piano stuff (sounds like a saloon scene from a western) with a song called Bénédicte, then on track two (a song called François Holin) we get a real treat with Roubaix showing us all what an insanely talented virtuoso he really is, playing some extremely fast and complex melodies, switching between piano and what sounds like tack piano.  After that, we get some standard old timey ragtime jazz with Générique and lastly one of Roubaix's unforgettable haunting crime themes (Le Revolver) that make an appearance on nearly everything he does.  He's simply the best.

Ripped from my personal collection for your listening pleasure.  Get it here.