Wednesday, February 1, 2017

André Hossein - Le Vampire De Dusseldorf - Bande Originale Du Film (1965)

Here we have a cool little mini soundtrack EP by Iranian composer André Hossein for the 1965 crime thriller "Le Vampire De Dusseldorf" (The Secret Killer) directed by André's son Robert Hossein. I have not seen the film but according to IMDB, the film is the true story of Peter Kurten, a serial killer who committed nine murders in Dusseldorf during the great depression.  The music however is very stylish and cool.  Five tracks in all, ranging from cool hard-boiled low key creepy crawly crime-jazz, sweet sentimental waltzes, smokey after dark club jazz, party music and a really dramatic end theme that sounds like music from a 60s monster movie.  My favorite tracks on this little EP are the beautiful single "La Belle De Nuit" sung by the lovely French chanteuse Pia Colombo and Théme Du Vampire, with it's cool haunting melody reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg's early jazz works.

Vinyl ripped from my personal collection, includes cover scans.  Get it here!


antony j said...

You're Back!! And how - this sounds great. Don't suppose there's a Cowboys from Sweden mixtape in the offing...? Maybe..? Still playing Death of a Candle v often - masterpiece! Ta.

spirit of ecstasy said...
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brother john said...

This is great, thank you very much for sharing! Beautiful scans too!