Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jacques Denjean - Nevrose/Psychomaniac 7" (1968)

Alright, this is another one of those dream singles that no one can afford. I've managed to track down the two separate tracks from various sources and a nice record scan from some rad person on Flikr (I'm sure you know who you are!) and Frankenstein it all together for your listening pleasure. These are two super funky, noisy French psych-pop insturmentals from 1968, one of which you may recognize from the now infamous "Monsieur Sexe" mix by the one and only Mr. Flash (who seems to be quite the heavyweight crate-digger himself). Anyway, I don't feel much explaining is necessary with this one, just grab it, I'm sure you will love these rare grooves! Thanks to the original rippers whoever you are.

These are 320 rips of files that I re-touched up. Hope you enjoy.

A. Nevrose
B. Psychomaniac



cicodelico-obscure-grooves said...

ultra cool 45 , love it

Easywind said...

Hey Nature Film!
Thanks a lot for all the great music! Here are some excellent albums for you - in best audio-quality! Regards!

1. Puccio Roelens - Musica Per Commenti Sonori (1979)

2. Lesiman – Future Sound Of ...

3. Barigozzi Group – The Optical Sound

4. Stefano Torossi - Qualche Tema Lungo

5. Janko Nilovic – Psych Impressions – France 1969 (Key below!)!2UEElYxZ

Mega-Key: QRB-7zvTg0F5Ea6VJjFQmmDkavUTmJQxEfJ5Ewpw8y0