Thursday, February 4, 2010

Les Paul and Mary Ford - "I'm A Fool To Care" (1954)

Here is a short 4 song 7" EP by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Really tasteful guitar playing by les Paul and nice smokey vocals by Mary Ford. The songs are kind of a jazz/blues/country lounge kind of thing. Nice music. Keep in mind this record is from 1954, and I had to scrub some mold off it to rip it, so the rip is pretty crackly. Just pretend you are in your den, sitting in front of a warm fire place (your freezing apartment) listening to this on your vintage Hi-Fi (your crappy ipod dock). Enjoy this 320 rip!

Track Listing:
01 I'm A Fool To Care
02 I Really Don't Want To Know
03 Auctioneer
04 It's A Lonesome Old Town


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