Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Link! Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy In Sweden (1970)

Hello Everybody! Today I've got a special treat for you. A while back someone requested that I repost Cowboy in Sweden, but I was waiting for this rip from my buddy. This is a vinyl rip of the original 1970 pressing of the album and my friend and I both agree, it is probably the best sounding rip of the album currently available (next to the original vinyl it's self). A few years back a label called Smells Like Records reissued this album at a very poor quality, and I heard that even Lee (RIP) wasn't too happy with the sound quality. It sounds like they did a vinyl rip and mixed out the crackle by turning down all the high frequencies. That was the way I first heard this album, so to my surprise when we finally tracked down a few original copies from Swedish Ebay, There was so much detail missing on the reissue, it's unreal. So, that said, this is a far superior rip of the album. There is some light crackle, but overall the album sounds much bigger, much fuller, and you can actually hear the instrumentation much clearer than before. I'm very excited about this one cause over the past few years this has become one of my all time favorite albums (right up there with Histoire De Melody Nelson). So, I'm happy to share it with everyone, I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do. I heard rumors of another vinyl reissue coming out soon. So let's hope they do a better job this time. Meanwhile, enjoy! This was ripped at 320 kbps of course, and I've included a folder containing all of the artwork and labels etc. for your enjoyment as well. Happy Listening.

01 Pray The Bars Away
02 Leather & Lace
03 Forget Marie
04 Cold Hard Times
05 The Night Before
06 Hey Cowboy
07 No Train To Stockholm
08 For A Day Like Today
09 Easy And Me
10 What's More I Don't Need Her
11 Vem Kan Segla

Download Link:


The Rambler said...

Thanks for this. It's a fantastic quality. Lee would have been much happier!

Jacob said...

Please repost it...

Jacob said...

its been deleted

++++ said...

I get an error message too. Re-up if you could please.


Nature Film said...

Should be working fine..

Valdez said...

I can't wait to check this out! I just became introduced to the song Hey Cowboy via that movie "What Just Happened?" I am now very intrigued by Lee Hazlewood and am buys investigating his catalogue, mostly listening to his stuff on YouTube. Thanks for the link and history! I would KILL for one of these original LPs. I'll just have to keep scouring the record stores and crossing my fingers. I saw one of the Smells Like Records albums in new in plastic on eBay today for $280 bucks! Too bad the quality isn't there as you mentioned.

Valdez said...

The quality is impeccable! The tinks of the glass on Pray Them Bars Away is amazing! Such depth! What layers! Thanks!

ΛΕΩΝ said...

you rule thank you so much

ORMUS said...

Hi, Mediafire has done a purge, and this is no longer available, is there any chance you could repost it?