Friday, June 22, 2012

Morriconez - Sandoval In D (2012)

Here's a very nice little piece of music from the upcoming Morriconez album "Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death".  Sort of a genre bender stumbling a thin line between spaghetti-westerns and warm electronic psychedelia.  This song in particular features a very pleasing classical melody played on guitar buried in layers of swirling psychedelic sounds.  A musical mirage...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ozarks - As I Lay Sleeping / 'Til I Die (2012)

Hello Everyone.
I'm happy to announce this free three track single by Ozarks that just came out this week.  You may have seen the video for our song "Pyramids of Love" that I posted recently (See post below).  Pyramids of Love was the first official release by Ozarks and the first single from the upcoming full length self titled LP (Out July 10th on Wil-Ru Records).  "As I Lay Sleeping / 'Til I Die is the second single from the upcoming LP I suppose.  This one features one of my favorite cuts from the album called "As I Lay Sleeping"  A breezy piano driven pop track with a liturgical groove reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg's Je T'aime Moi Non Plus.  Harpsichords, minimal breaks, clicky bass lines, organs, and piano (and some Badfinger-esque guitar riffs) support Robbie's melancholy falsetto vocal delivery.  On track two we find a masterfully executed cover of Brian Wilson's 'Til I Die from the Beach Boys 1971 album "Surfs Up".  Equally lush and moody musical arrangements float above a distant organ drum beat.  A cover that remains pretty faithful to the original version!  And the final of the three tracks is an alternate version of a song called "I'm Never Bored".  The original version of this song is an organ version with full instumentation and will be the album opener.  This version stripped down to only a few droning washy gutiar chords, a tamborine and vocals.  A slight departure from the sound of the album, but it's a nice rendition that we felt should be heard as well (so we included it!).  So please check it out and leave your feedback.  Comments are always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy it.  

01 As I Lay Sleeping
02 'Til I Die
03 I'm Never Bored (Alternate Version)

You can also get it free here at the Wil-Ru bandcamp page.

PS. Coming Soon: A series of rare 7" rips from the Cowboys from Sweden!