Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robbie Augspurger - The Buffalo Album (1997)

Here it is, the self proclaimed "worst album ever made" by Robert Martin Augspurger (aka Robbie). I'm not sure what I can say about this to hype it up anymore. 19 tracks of lo fi rock songs recorded on a karaoke machine back in 1995 (to 1997). Something for everybody here. Song genres range from medieval voyager themes, to mafia surf songs. A true barbecue for the ears. A 90's lo fi audio extravaganza . This is the first chapter in Robbie's prolific musical journey. Go get it...

Robbie Augspurger - The Buffalo Album
1. Polish Sausage
2. Johnny
3. The Groove Merchant
4. Space Horse
5. Buffalo
6. Nek And Robe
7. Projectile Vomit Man
8. Merry Man
9. The Collar Song
10. Johann The Nordic Boy
11. Borse
12. Bump Boy
13. Surfin' Mafia
14. Cardiac Boy
15. Really Tall Cowboy
16. Drainpipe Bingo
17. Slinky Races
18. Saliva Man
19. Deoderant Woman

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

WINO (2006)

We only made one song under this name. Wino was myself and Eric Dexter. This is a weird drone made up of guitars and keyboards sounds through loop station pedals. That's about it really. We were too lazy to give the drone a name, just the band. We recorded it on May 25th at the old Hanger 18 on Ainsworth Street in Portland Oregon. Seven and a half minutes of sound. We did it.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

METAL - The Sounds Of Our Seas (2005)

The Sounds Of Our Seas is the first official album by Metal, although Aaron Shepherd had been making music under that name for quite some time before I entered the scene. We recorded this album at the Artistery studio over a period of several months back in 2005. The album also features Eric Dexter on keyboard and possibly a few others. The songs are long drawn-out drones, loops and improvisations backed by field recordings of the porch, the beach and other locations in Oregon. The music mostly consits of guitars, pianos and Keyboards, but there are some other things happening in there too. Pretty chill listening with the exception of track one that has some pretty noisy guitar feedback on it. 10 tracks total (spanning one hour), not all of them managed to get titled either, but most of them are. Packaged in nice folded cardboard CD packs with a photo xerox glued to the front of the sleeve. Each disc was hand written in gold pen and featured a track listing insert and an origami crane by Eric Dexter. A true DIY album! This album is now out of print. I think there were less than 100 made. So now you can get it here... Spacey!

METAL - The Sounds Of Our Seas (2005)
1. Down To The Gallos
2. 2
3. King
4. A Walk With Thee
5. I Miss You
6. 6
7. 7
8. Doxology
9. 9
10. Birds, Cats, Piano

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OREGONE (2006)

OREGONE is a community of experimental musicians from the Portland area. Founded by Cup Na Cup (Audiocrip) and Every Drum a Star in 2005. This is the first compilation that was released in 2006. There has not yet been a second comp, but there are still plans for the second one this year (hopefully) according to the website. This disc features 12 groups that are considered to be experimental from around these parts. The disc runs 78:27 minutes over 13 Tracks. You can get more info at the Oregone website: Packaged in a handsome slim DVD case with a full color outer sleeve and pressed on jet black compact discs. This is out of print, but I believe there may still be a few copys hanging around somewhere. Nice sounds and Wierd sounds too. Give it a chance if you fancy your self an experimental listener...

1. Tonehenge feat. Rowena Moore/Lift Every Voice
2. Lindsay Kaplan + Andrew Wilshusen/Two Houses
3. JP Jenkins/The Ocean Duck
4. Tonehenge/Mt Pleasant
5. Doug Theriault/zEdificiay
6. Shalloboi/On The Bride
7. Portland Bicycle Ensemble/Concerto 6
8. Metal/The Defeat Of Modern Evil
9. Biathalon/Underwater Is A Place To Be Alone
10. Owl Dudes/Butterfly Tattoo
11. Cup Na Cup/Asthma Sheen
12. Every Drum A Star/Begoo
13. Bryan Eubanks/Gauge And Toner

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Nature Film Idm Mix

Hello everybody, hope all is going well for you. Today I am feeling a little under the weather, so I decided to post this chillout Idm mix I made a couple years back. I hope you all enjoy it. It is a compilation of many of my favorite groups from the electronic genre (perhaps it isn't all idm?). So to beak it down, this is about 75 minutes of gapless ambient/electronic music mixed by yours truly back in 2005. Since the music all flows together, the "mixes" are sometimes rhythmic, but usually melodic mashes. People who are familiar with these songs may get a kick out of the transitions. Nice relaxing background listening! Check it out.

1. 7-hurtz / mono random
2. boards of canada / ataronchranon
3. shuttle 358 / isonpgn
4. manual / tomorrow
5. christ / eezeebreez
6. isan / bubbles 8
7. casino versus japan / go hawaii (edit)
8. boards of canada / 5-4-78
9. ulrich schnauss / molfsee
10. arovane / pink lilies
11. boards of canada / farewell fire
12. casino versus japan / warm windows
13. boards of canada / the beach at redpoint
14. milieu / my shiny sunday
15. bibio / it was willow
16. bola / vm8
17. proem / invisible for all
18. george & caplin / meringue memories
19. kim hiorthøy / alt måste bli anorlunda
20. 7-hurtz / sidewalk
21. boards of canada / poppyseed
22. freescha / church music

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