Friday, August 31, 2007

Metal - Birthday Drones Three (2007)

Here is the latest Birthday Drones record (for my 27th birthday). By now you have probably figured out that I was born in 1980. Once again, all the material was written and recorded by Aaron Shepherd in the past couple months. This is probably my favorite one so far. It starts off with a massive ambient drone that conjures up imagery of mountain tops and deep forests. This movment makes up for about the first 15 minutes or so, then the mood changes slightly when slow guitars enter the scene. Tonally it reminds me of some of Vincent Gallo's early film soundtrack recordings. Very melanchollie, very still. Around the 19 minute mark, a slow pulsing drum breifly enters and leaves quietly. The third movement is an acoustic guitar mantra with a field recording behind it that sort of has a lonesome cowboy vibe. A distant desert song, probably good music for drinking modelo negro in a field with your friends... This record is one untitled track that lasts about 40 minutes. Aaron is the man! Go get it.

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Metal - Birthday Drones Two (2006)

Here is the second record of the series, this one for my 26th birthday. A wide spectrum of sounds here, ranging from melodic structural improvisation to free form abstract sound manipulating, but all of it done tastefully and in a highly listenable style! For fans of deep spaced out texture and melodic drone. I recomend it! Two untitled tracks, sixty six minutes in length, enjoy.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Metal - Birthday drones series...

For the past 3 years, my band mate Aaron Shepherd has made a drone record each year just for my birthday, like a musical birthday gift. I guess he knows that I like to make my paintings while listening to ambient music. Anyway, I think these are really good records and I think other people deserve to hear them just as well. So if you are into long instrumental drone albums, you should deffinately check out this series I call "Birthday drones"... So since there are three total (so far), I guess it would make sense to post the first one first. So here it is: Birthday drones one, recorded in august of 2005 at the Artistery in Portland,OR. This is a double disc of ambient drone spanning a total of about 2 hours on only three tracks. Mostly textural guitars and vocal drones, resulting in a nice (major scale) atmosphere on disc one, great for pensive listening. Disc two is similar, but more of a darker vibe on that one (which I personally prefer over disc one). Both are great and deserve to be heard. ...Beautiful, Thanks Aaron, for thinking of me on my birthday! Oh, I almost forgot, since Aaron makes up half of Metal, this series will be tagged as "metal", but I don't play on them (well except on "Birthday Drones 2" I think there is a live track included somewhere in the mix that I'm playing on). Alright, I think I've said enough...

Track Listing:
Disk one:
1. We are in green fields
2. You are beautiful

Disc Two:
1. Untitled

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Milieu - Simple Stations Repeat (2005)

With the permission of my friend Brian Grainger, I'm posting one of his records from 2005 "Simple Stations Repeat". The album was recorded in one week for the online music compilation Project 168 and released in mp3 format online. I think this may have been the first record I heard by brian, and since have become a big fan of his. Hazy melodic lo fi electronica with minimal mid-tempo beats, makes for a nice lazy evening listen. This album features on of my favorite Milieu tracks "my shiny sunday", check it out!

1. Readytone (0:54)
2. In The Back Of A Car, With Your Head In The Stars (4:59)
3. Green Summer (1:04)
4. We Swam (4:25)
5. Walking Pastels (6:11)
6. Cumulus Drones (4:50)
7. Soft Screen Report (0:59)
8. My Shiny Sunday (10:06)

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Here is the link to the Milieu site:

Late Night Tales: BIATHALON Vol.2

Here is the second installment. Another mix tape by yours truly, this one focusing more on modern indie and electronica that I have been enjoying lately (and some old favorites). Cinematic songs, makes for a good night drive mix! I won't blab on anymore, here it is if you want it... 19 songs, 78:40 minutes.

Track Listing:
1. Goldfrapp - Lovely Head
2. Freescha - Old Age For Duke Of Slade
3. Broadcast - Coporeal
4. Charlotte Gainsbourg - af607105
5. Grizzly Bear - Colorado
6. Elliott Smith - Stickman
7. Wilco - Hummingbird (Book Version)
8. Arab Strap - Cherubs
9. Stereolab - Whisper Pitch
10. Deerhoof - Running Thoughts
11. Interpol - Leif Erikson
12. Múm - Nightly Cares
13. Boards Of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
14. Dungen - Bockagöl
15. Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush
16. Blonde Redhead - Girl Boy
17. Underworld - Push Downstairs
18. Boards Of Canada - Heard From Telegraph Lines
19. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TIme for some mix tapes!

Recently a lot of big music artists were releasing these compilations of music that they hand picked. Sort of like a celebrity mix tape or something. Anyway there is a series called "Late Night Tales" of these mixes. Anyway, I love the idea, and I love making mix tapes, so I want in. I've made two volumes of my own "Late Night Tales" mixes. One for older music, and one for newer music. Anyhow, here is the first mix focusing on older music, or older sounding music (that I love). I hope you enjoy it. 25 tracks total that lasts about seventy minutes.

Track Listing:
1. jeff alexander - come wander with me
2. love - the castle
3. ennio morricone - the sicilian clan
4. fever tree - love makes the sun rise
5. vincent gallo - lonely boy
6. scott walker - on your own again
7. jane birkin - jane b
8. nancy sinatra and lee hazlewood - some velvet morning
9. the electric prunes - kyrie eleison
10. the kinks- nothin' in the world can stop me worryin' bout that girl
11. the zombies - leave me be
12. margo guryan - love
13. the united states of america - stranded in time
14. jefferson airplane - today
15. the beatles - long long long
16. vashti bunyan - hebridean sun
17. clara rockmore - valse sentimentale
18. ennio morricone - doricamente
19. serge gainsbourg and jane birkin - la chanson de slogan
20. the zombies - hung up on a dream
21. jackson c. frank - blues run the game
22. the velvet underground - i'm set free
23. the rolling stones - she smiled sweetly
24. 13th floor elevators - may the circle remain unbroken
25. françoise hardy - comment te dire adieu

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"THE WORLD AT OUR FEET" is a short nature film that was made by Eric Dexter and Narrated by Aaron Shepherd. This film features music by Metal and a couple tracks by Biathalon (on the film, not on the record). These tracks are a collaboration between Metal and Eric Dexter and were recorded specifically for this film in the fall of 2006. This record features and alternate version of Biathalon's Cloud Formations (performed live) by all of us. Short and Sweet, sunny warm textures, sentimental guitar playing and an overall peaceful atmospheric mood. Sleepy listening. Three tracks, eighteen and a half minutes.

Track Listing:
1. The World At Our Feet
2. Cloud Formations (Version 2)
3. Nutria Theme

Download Link:

METAL Live on KPSU 2007

This is a radio broadcast of a live metal show from the KPSU studio in downtown Portland. It was recorded from the board in the studio, so there is good sound quality here. This transmission was perfomed on February 3rd, 2007 sometime around noon for the "what's this called" show hosted by "Ricardo Wang". More deep ambience to get lost in... Two tracks, four songs, a total of 55 minutes.

Track listing:
1. Digon/Cloud Formations
2. Title Bout/Underwater Is A Place To Be Alone


Download Link:

It's a good show, check it out:


Metal is a group that I play in with my band mate Aaron Shepherd who runs the Artistery (a venue and artist community here in Portland, OR). I will most likely be posting alot of this stuff, given the nature of our process (we have a lot of unreleased material). Anyway, this will be my first METAL post. This session was recorded live sometime in 2004 at the old Artistery house. It is a free form improvisation of guitars, keyboard, cymbals, photo theremin, various effects and feedback speakers. The result was a very long drawn out melachollie drone with various movements. Cold atmospheric drone all in one 75 minute unedited track. In the begining you can even hear our voices discussing which key to play in!

Download link:

P.s. Here is the link to the artistery website where hardcopy metal records can be purchased:

BIATHALON - Monochromatic Environments EP (2007)

This is a collection of odds and ends from the first two Biathalon records, things that didn't fit, but were interesting just the same. Recorded in 2006 at Hanger 18. This recording features samples by Clara Rockmore, Vincent Gallo, Art Blakey and Tim Buckley. Nostalgic loops, dark ambience and monotone drones. 21:35 Minutes. I hope you enjoy!

Track Listing:
1. Environment 1
2. Monochrome
3. Altostratus
4. Polar Aurora
5. I Was By The Gold Curtains

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