Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEW LINK! VA - "Psych-Out" (A Full Spectrum Trip Compiled By The Cowboys From Sweden)

Pretty self explanatory... An new compilation put together by the Cowboys from Sweden. This one emphasizes mostly on break beats, psychedelic atmospheres and dramatic themes from films and library records (mostly Italian with the exception of a few tracks). I guess this one was sort of inspired by our recent record spinning sets at local Portland bars, at least it's somewhat reflective of our (Robbie and myself) live sets... Not much more I can say about it. It's all pretty up-beat and funky and would make a great party soundtrack. I actually went through the trouble to make a front and back cover for those of you who are into this kind of stuff... Dig in!

01 Bruno Nicolai/Skyscrapers (Version 3)
02 Manfred Hübler & Siegfried Schwab/We Don't Care
03 Ennio Morricone/Quattro Mosche Di Velluto Grigio
04 Piero Umiliani/Stream (Alternate Version)
05 Mario Migliardi/Theme Fom Malato!
06 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra/Moonflower Q 70
07 Ennio Morricone/L'Alibi (Shake No. 1)
08 Jean-Claude Vannier/Danse Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi
09 Serge Gainsbourg/Danger
10 Piero Umiliani/Cantata Per Maryam
11 Edda Dell 'Orso/Kill (To Jean)
12 Keith Mansfield/Funky Fanfare
13 Giampiero Boneschi/Oakum
14 Goblin/Deep Shadows (Film Version, Part 1)
15 Stelvio Cipriani/Love Symbol
16 Giuseppe De Luca/Rito A Los Angeles
17 Ennio Morricone/Dies Irae Psichedelico
18 Alessandro Alessandroni/Incubo Del Diavolo
19 Jean-Claude Vannier/L' Enfant La Mouche Les Allumettes
20 Bruno Nicolai/De Sade '70 (Version 3, Part 2)
21 Nora Orlandi/Shakin´ With Edwige
22 Gianni Ferrio/Amanda Blues (Take 2)
23 The Golden Hammonds of Our Lord/Dornen Auf Sein Blutend' Haupt
24 Sven Libaek/Misty Canyon
25 Les Baxter/Hot Wind
26 Piero Piccioni/Easy Dreamer (Alternate Version)
27 Jiri Malasek/Erotica No. 2
28 Mario Migliardi/Apollo Beat
29 Ennio Morricone/Adonai

Part One:
Part Two:


musicwithsoul said...

Mate, I'm really looking to download most of your stuff in here but all links on Zshare, they just don't work. The site says "Download now", you click and it leads you to a waiting site (20 seconds) after what you are invited to "Download Now" once more. Guess what, you click and you're brought to the very first page. It's quite annoying what these fuckers do. Hope you can sort this out. Many thanks!

jrn said...

this is awesome ... Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Moonflower Q 70 and Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare are my favs

you guys are an inspiration

greetings from belgium !

DeeKay said...

Sadly part 2 is down.
Any chance of a re-up?

In any case - thanks a lot for these great comilations.
They really are works of visionaries...!

Elyse said...
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Me said...

Any chance you could re-up part 2? Thanks in advance!