Sunday, March 25, 2012

Morris Arch Nightwork - Morris Arch Nightwork (2012)

Hey Everybody,
just wanted to take a second to announce a new release we put out this week at Wil-Ru Records that I am pretty stoked about. This is some seriously textural and psychedelic minimal techno/electronic stuff by Izaak Schlossman (Aka Starcircleanatomy). Here we find Izaak starting off fresh under a new moniker (Morris Arch Nightwork) and changing up his entire sound palette quite a bit. I was blown away the first time I heard this release and it has been pretty much on constant rotation since I got it from Izaak a few months back. The entire album is quite dynamic, each track has a distinct feel and the atmosphere and rhythms change up quite a bit from track to track. The album opens with "01", which starts things off on an abstract foot, with barrage of amorphous chords rhythmically stabbing over a bed of ambient white noise. 02 features a bit of the same ambiguity, but dives into deep disintegrated textures and a heavy pulsing kick drum clipping a long in a nearly glitchy fashion. That brings us to "03 (For Dubai)", the only track on the album with a title included with the track number. This track is a straight up long form (13:54!) crowd pleaser! Truly straddling the line between dance floor ready House music and filtered abstract electonica. This track even has some obscured vocal samples cut up and peppered rhythmically through out the mix. Super hypnotic! After that, we get to "04", an extremely abstract track that is almost reminiscent of early Autechre or something equally as glitchy, thumping its way through over ten minutes of collaged textural sounds and subdued bass grooves. The last two tracks on the album (05 and 06) fall out into some smoky dubbed out territory, driven by 4/4 kick drums and bouncy filtered melodic layers that move while maintaining a tasteful minimalism throughout. It's a bit difficult to paint a clear portrait of what's going on on this album given it's natural complexity, but hey, just give it a listen and decide for your self! This album comes super highly recommended from me, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Morris Arch Nightwork (Self Titled) is available as a limited edition (100 copies) cassette release with digital download included, in a deluxe audiobook case with black high tech chrome cassettes! Get it here!

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