Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pantherman 7" (1974)

...Wish all music could be this glamorous!

A. Pantherman
B. You Are My Friend

320 Download

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jacques Denjean - Nevrose/Psychomaniac 7" (1968)

Alright, this is another one of those dream singles that no one can afford. I've managed to track down the two separate tracks from various sources and a nice record scan from some rad person on Flikr (I'm sure you know who you are!) and Frankenstein it all together for your listening pleasure. These are two super funky, noisy French psych-pop insturmentals from 1968, one of which you may recognize from the now infamous "Monsieur Sexe" mix by the one and only Mr. Flash (who seems to be quite the heavyweight crate-digger himself). Anyway, I don't feel much explaining is necessary with this one, just grab it, I'm sure you will love these rare grooves! Thanks to the original rippers whoever you are.

These are 320 rips of files that I re-touched up. Hope you enjoy.

A. Nevrose
B. Psychomaniac


Monday, July 11, 2011

CN - The Expedition Beyond (2011)

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been super busy with running a new record label called wil-ru records. We've been putting out tons of stuff this year, so It's been taking up a lot of my time. But I thought I should share, since I love all the stuff we've been doing, I figure you might too. So far we've been focusing on limited edition cassettes and a few vinyl releases here and there. For those of you who remember my Panda Beach post a while back, well, now you can support her and purchase her album on a cool limited edition Cassette! I just put together a Soundcloud page recently, so people can listen to a little bit of music from our whole catalog. We've been putting out a wide variety of music, folk, rock, indie and a whole lot of electronica ranging from dub techno to ambient soundscapes. Here's a little preview of the latest tape we just put out by Stian Gjevik (AKA EOD) under his new moniker CN. It's kind of a retro cosmic electro concept album called "The Expedition Beyond". I recommend checking him out! Anyway, sorry to do a little bit of advertising here, but I hope you all enjoy it and spread the word! Lots of new cool stuff by cool artists on the way! Please check us out at

PS. To those of you who are anxious for a new Cowboys From Sweden mix, keep checking in. I should have the new mix titled "X" (The roman numeral number 10) posted in the near future. Once again, sorry for my absence. Hope you all enjoy this track...

Regards from the Nature Film headquarters, Eric.