Saturday, August 29, 2009

Metal - Fearful (2008)

The 4th studio album by Metal and first one committed to vinyl. A bit darker than the previous Metal records, but also a bit more precise and to the point. Primitive rhythm, textural keyboards, slow motion spaghetti western guitar drone and melodic vocals (with lyrics!)... Give it a good listen for a better Idea of what it sounds like. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

CD/LP combo pack available at:

01 Introduction
02 In the Dark We Are Not Alone
03 Plateau
04 Ghost
05 Fear
06 Death Wish
07 Red Moon
08 Shooting Star

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benplanter said...

Hi there, great blog. Any chance you could re-up or send me a copy of your 'MOndo Nights' compilation / mixtape?

Is full of tracks that I would really like to own & so many of those I can't find copies of!


benplanter said...
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