Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wolf Choir - Woodlord (2008)

Wolf Choir's latest album "Woodlord" takes you to a new Futureworld through a portal in the sky.... Now only you can travel the paths of light to restore the long forgotten crystal amulet back to the realm of the Woodgods... ...Via Arpeggio.
We hope you enjoy!

01 Age of the Laserblade
02 Darkface, Forest Voyager
03 Woodlord's Lair of Hide
04 Manimal Dwarve
05 Winds of the Woodmoons
06 Initiate Hammer, Starcraft
07 Secret Portal Beneath Sky-Palace
08 Paths of Light

Download it here:

Repost: Wolf Choir - Wolf Choir (2007)

15 songs that run an intense 29 minutes. Originally released as a free web release on July 1st, 2007 on Buckhorn Records (, now you can get it here too...

Track listing:
1. Cokewolf
2. Smuggling Heroin Time
3. Initials W.C.
4. Wizardhole
5 The Clicker
6. Beach Sluts 2: The Return of Dr. Clops
7. Trianglejob
8. Cobra Club
10. Coin Fantasy (Leather X McCoy Enters the Crystal City)
11. Black Eagle Cyborg
12. Space Cop
13. Dr. Clops
14. Total Violence
15. Zone Area (Return of Air Area 2)

New Link: