Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Metal - The Silent World (2007)

"The Silent World" was recorded at the Artistery in Portland, Oregon between 2006 and 2007. The title is a reference to Jacques Cousteau's 1956 award winning nature documentary film "Le Monde Du Silence" (The Silent World). This album also features audio samples of dialog from the film. This is a limited edition CDR release. I believe there were less than copies 100 made. Melodic ambient drones, lonesome guitars, oceanside field recordings and deep textures to get lost in. Not to mention a story on the title track. Enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Mountain Pressing Upon Mountain
2. Cloud Formations
3. Title Bout
4. The Silent World
5. Swan Island

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any chance to get a new link for this album ?
i used to listen to this album a lot, a few years back, i've lost it, and i've been looking for if for so long !!
merci merci