Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vincent Gallo Live at ATP

This is Vincent Gallo's live set from his 2005 performance at the All Tomorrow's Parties (which he curated that year). Performing with him was Sean Lennon on guitars and keyboards and Yuka Honda on drums and bass. Of the 11 songs the band performed, 3 of them were instrumentals written just for the show, also Sean performs two of his own songs. The sound quality is pretty good considering it probably being a mic in the crowd. Nice mellow lounge set. It's interesting to hear Gallo's improvisations of his studio songs. Most of the songs performed are from Vincent Gallo's album "When". Enjoy...

Track Listing:
01 intro
02 Once (Sean Lennon)
03 My Beautiful White Dog
04 Yes, I'm Lonely
05 Instrumental #1
06 When
07 So Sad
08 Dead Meat (Sean Lennon)
09 Instrumental #2
10 Honey Bunny
11 (Vincent Gallo Talks)
12 Unknown Track
13 Instrumental #3

Download Links:
Part One:
Part Two:


Tony said...

this is another one that i had been looking for forever. gallo and sean lennon together. omg. haha. now if i could only find the studio stuff that they did. or some of the bunny stuff that gallo and lukas haas did.

thanks so much for the gallo uploads man.

E*Rock said...

nice, thanks for posting this, downloading it now.

Microbunny said...

Thank you as well for this.
Fantastic stuff !
Hoping you read this and
refresh your upload of the Vincent Gallo Quattro Club show, which is dead linked now.

Also...unknown track # 12 is
"You Sure Are"...the same one
he played at the RFH show ...
2nd from the last.