Monday, October 15, 2007

Nancy & Lee Again (1972)

Hello everybody, hope all is well. Today I have something special for everybody. A very obscure album (I had a very hard time finding this one) by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (one of my idols). Don't know much about it besides that it is the second the pair did together under that name and it was recorded in 1972, a fine year for sunny studio pop albums. Oh, also I believe Lee had to return from Sweden to make this one. So if you're into 70's country with lots of charm, you'll probably like this.

Track Listing:
1. Arkansas Coal (Suite)
2. Big Red Balloon
3. Friendship Train
4. Paris Summer
5. Congratulations
6. Down From Dover
7. Did You Ever
8. Tippy Toes
9. Back On The Road
10. Got It Together

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Ranjan said...

I have been searching for this album for a long time - Thank You Very Much !

Charis said...

thanks a lot for this! was just listening to this in spotify and really liked it!

Cy at Pck said...

hi from cy
thanks for posting information and d/load links for nancy and have made me happy and am looking forward to hearing them again....
cy at pck

Casey said...

Great share, thanks a million!!!!