Monday, October 1, 2007

Brian Grainger & Friends - The Bland Stand Collective Volumes 1&2 (1998-2005)

To start off October, I have something very special for you all. Brian Grainger of Milieu has gathered this compilation of unreleased tunes (from various bands he had formed) recorded between 1998 and 2004 exclusively for this blog (at least at the moment). This is the first place for this stuff to surface and I am very honored that he is allowing me to post it. So thanks Brian. Brian was kind enough to include a brief statement regarding the recorded material, so here it is, I won't continue rambling.

A note about these compilations:
"These are completely unreleased recordings, made either by myself or with various other contributors, some of them as old as highschool. Please be forgiving with the audio quality on some of this material, as "professional" and "produced" weren't really terms I used back in the day. Alot of this was never meant to be released to the public, but thanks to some (light) prodding by some (well meaning) friends and "fans", it's here. Enjoy it, if you can, and have fun looking back on what was floating around in my creative head well before Milieu was ever an idea!"


Track Listing:

01 parallax - tape09
02 black skies - untitled 8
03 anxiety party - love is dust
04 parallax - at speeds unknown
05 pink space - merry go round
06 audinaut - last time
07 jet set boogie - hands (parallax remix)
08 a night on mars - black
09 smile - 666 knives
10 anxiety party - the lasher
11 the noise - untitled
12 parallax - revolving clouds
13 parallax - untitled a4
14 milieu - untitled with blake
15 parallax - eight weak surgery

01 smile - the robocop theme song
02 parallax - gravity
03 anxiety party - rhue street depression
04 a night on mars - marooned spaceman
05 parallax - kellygreen
06 audinaut - the radio pill (version acoustique)
07 parallax - tape05
08 a night on mars - ektaire arane
09 the noise - emma
10 anxiety party - chocolat milk
11 parallax - we can ride
12 parallax - quartnie
13 audinaut - jealous
14 parallax - untitled b1
15 a night on mars - may 9th live outro track

(More details are included as a text file in the download)

Download Links:


Carlos Espitia said...

This is an amazing music, ima gallo's fan since a long time but never listen about this band, its just incredible, thanks for bring us this stuff, regards from Mexico.

edgar said...

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edgar said...
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edgar said...

Is there any possible way to get a re upload of this?
I love this music.

Carlos Espitia said...

The links are broken =( please upload them again