Monday, September 10, 2007

Nature Film Idm Mix

Hello everybody, hope all is going well for you. Today I am feeling a little under the weather, so I decided to post this chillout Idm mix I made a couple years back. I hope you all enjoy it. It is a compilation of many of my favorite groups from the electronic genre (perhaps it isn't all idm?). So to beak it down, this is about 75 minutes of gapless ambient/electronic music mixed by yours truly back in 2005. Since the music all flows together, the "mixes" are sometimes rhythmic, but usually melodic mashes. People who are familiar with these songs may get a kick out of the transitions. Nice relaxing background listening! Check it out.

1. 7-hurtz / mono random
2. boards of canada / ataronchranon
3. shuttle 358 / isonpgn
4. manual / tomorrow
5. christ / eezeebreez
6. isan / bubbles 8
7. casino versus japan / go hawaii (edit)
8. boards of canada / 5-4-78
9. ulrich schnauss / molfsee
10. arovane / pink lilies
11. boards of canada / farewell fire
12. casino versus japan / warm windows
13. boards of canada / the beach at redpoint
14. milieu / my shiny sunday
15. bibio / it was willow
16. bola / vm8
17. proem / invisible for all
18. george & caplin / meringue memories
19. kim hiorthøy / alt måste bli anorlunda
20. 7-hurtz / sidewalk
21. boards of canada / poppyseed
22. freescha / church music

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wolfchoir said...

nice matterhornzone

Gavin said...

Very nice mix. Cool cover too. Thanks for sharing the fruit of your work.

Simey said...

Hi, this looks great, and I'm happy find people with similar tastes to my own. I know and love a lot of these, so I'm intrigued by the ones I don't know.
But the download link had expired! Please could you reupload it? Thanks a bunch. and good job with the blog, si

KickingPricks said...

Can you please repost this one..? Thanx!