Monday, September 10, 2007

METAL - The Sounds Of Our Seas (2005)

The Sounds Of Our Seas is the first official album by Metal, although Aaron Shepherd had been making music under that name for quite some time before I entered the scene. We recorded this album at the Artistery studio over a period of several months back in 2005. The album also features Eric Dexter on keyboard and possibly a few others. The songs are long drawn-out drones, loops and improvisations backed by field recordings of the porch, the beach and other locations in Oregon. The music mostly consits of guitars, pianos and Keyboards, but there are some other things happening in there too. Pretty chill listening with the exception of track one that has some pretty noisy guitar feedback on it. 10 tracks total (spanning one hour), not all of them managed to get titled either, but most of them are. Packaged in nice folded cardboard CD packs with a photo xerox glued to the front of the sleeve. Each disc was hand written in gold pen and featured a track listing insert and an origami crane by Eric Dexter. A true DIY album! This album is now out of print. I think there were less than 100 made. So now you can get it here... Spacey!

METAL - The Sounds Of Our Seas (2005)
1. Down To The Gallos
2. 2
3. King
4. A Walk With Thee
5. I Miss You
6. 6
7. 7
8. Doxology
9. 9
10. Birds, Cats, Piano

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