Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robbie Augspurger - The Buffalo Album (1997)

Here it is, the self proclaimed "worst album ever made" by Robert Martin Augspurger (aka Robbie). I'm not sure what I can say about this to hype it up anymore. 19 tracks of lo fi rock songs recorded on a karaoke machine back in 1995 (to 1997). Something for everybody here. Song genres range from medieval voyager themes, to mafia surf songs. A true barbecue for the ears. A 90's lo fi audio extravaganza . This is the first chapter in Robbie's prolific musical journey. Go get it...

Robbie Augspurger - The Buffalo Album
1. Polish Sausage
2. Johnny
3. The Groove Merchant
4. Space Horse
5. Buffalo
6. Nek And Robe
7. Projectile Vomit Man
8. Merry Man
9. The Collar Song
10. Johann The Nordic Boy
11. Borse
12. Bump Boy
13. Surfin' Mafia
14. Cardiac Boy
15. Really Tall Cowboy
16. Drainpipe Bingo
17. Slinky Races
18. Saliva Man
19. Deoderant Woman

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