Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TIme for some mix tapes!

Recently a lot of big music artists were releasing these compilations of music that they hand picked. Sort of like a celebrity mix tape or something. Anyway there is a series called "Late Night Tales" of these mixes. Anyway, I love the idea, and I love making mix tapes, so I want in. I've made two volumes of my own "Late Night Tales" mixes. One for older music, and one for newer music. Anyhow, here is the first mix focusing on older music, or older sounding music (that I love). I hope you enjoy it. 25 tracks total that lasts about seventy minutes.

Track Listing:
1. jeff alexander - come wander with me
2. love - the castle
3. ennio morricone - the sicilian clan
4. fever tree - love makes the sun rise
5. vincent gallo - lonely boy
6. scott walker - on your own again
7. jane birkin - jane b
8. nancy sinatra and lee hazlewood - some velvet morning
9. the electric prunes - kyrie eleison
10. the kinks- nothin' in the world can stop me worryin' bout that girl
11. the zombies - leave me be
12. margo guryan - love
13. the united states of america - stranded in time
14. jefferson airplane - today
15. the beatles - long long long
16. vashti bunyan - hebridean sun
17. clara rockmore - valse sentimentale
18. ennio morricone - doricamente
19. serge gainsbourg and jane birkin - la chanson de slogan
20. the zombies - hung up on a dream
21. jackson c. frank - blues run the game
22. the velvet underground - i'm set free
23. the rolling stones - she smiled sweetly
24. 13th floor elevators - may the circle remain unbroken
25. fran├žoise hardy - comment te dire adieu

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