Thursday, August 30, 2007

Milieu - Simple Stations Repeat (2005)

With the permission of my friend Brian Grainger, I'm posting one of his records from 2005 "Simple Stations Repeat". The album was recorded in one week for the online music compilation Project 168 and released in mp3 format online. I think this may have been the first record I heard by brian, and since have become a big fan of his. Hazy melodic lo fi electronica with minimal mid-tempo beats, makes for a nice lazy evening listen. This album features on of my favorite Milieu tracks "my shiny sunday", check it out!

1. Readytone (0:54)
2. In The Back Of A Car, With Your Head In The Stars (4:59)
3. Green Summer (1:04)
4. We Swam (4:25)
5. Walking Pastels (6:11)
6. Cumulus Drones (4:50)
7. Soft Screen Report (0:59)
8. My Shiny Sunday (10:06)

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Here is the link to the Milieu site:

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