Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Metal is a group that I play in with my band mate Aaron Shepherd who runs the Artistery (a venue and artist community here in Portland, OR). I will most likely be posting alot of this stuff, given the nature of our process (we have a lot of unreleased material). Anyway, this will be my first METAL post. This session was recorded live sometime in 2004 at the old Artistery house. It is a free form improvisation of guitars, keyboard, cymbals, photo theremin, various effects and feedback speakers. The result was a very long drawn out melachollie drone with various movements. Cold atmospheric drone all in one 75 minute unedited track. In the begining you can even hear our voices discussing which key to play in!

Download link:

P.s. Here is the link to the artistery website where hardcopy metal records can be purchased:

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Brian said...

This is epic man. Seriously. Amazing amazing amazing.