Thursday, August 30, 2007

Metal - Birthday drones series...

For the past 3 years, my band mate Aaron Shepherd has made a drone record each year just for my birthday, like a musical birthday gift. I guess he knows that I like to make my paintings while listening to ambient music. Anyway, I think these are really good records and I think other people deserve to hear them just as well. So if you are into long instrumental drone albums, you should deffinately check out this series I call "Birthday drones"... So since there are three total (so far), I guess it would make sense to post the first one first. So here it is: Birthday drones one, recorded in august of 2005 at the Artistery in Portland,OR. This is a double disc of ambient drone spanning a total of about 2 hours on only three tracks. Mostly textural guitars and vocal drones, resulting in a nice (major scale) atmosphere on disc one, great for pensive listening. Disc two is similar, but more of a darker vibe on that one (which I personally prefer over disc one). Both are great and deserve to be heard. ...Beautiful, Thanks Aaron, for thinking of me on my birthday! Oh, I almost forgot, since Aaron makes up half of Metal, this series will be tagged as "metal", but I don't play on them (well except on "Birthday Drones 2" I think there is a live track included somewhere in the mix that I'm playing on). Alright, I think I've said enough...

Track Listing:
Disk one:
1. We are in green fields
2. You are beautiful

Disc Two:
1. Untitled

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